Schwalbe Pro One tubeless alternatives??

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by ggman

Does anyone know of a good ulternatve to Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tyres?

I love the Pro Ones, they’re quick and light, however they just do not last, especially on English roads. On my first ride using them I had a 4mm split in the tyre that required plugging and had to resort to running them with tubes shortly after.
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by scale29

Ive been running S-Works turbo 2bliss in 28mm lately as they’re much cheaper than Schwalbe. Weight is good, they roll comparably well (by feel) and grip well. Longevity seems good too, I’ve had no air loss in 2,000km.

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

Hutchinson Fusion 5 11Storm, Mavic Yksion Pro UST, Zipp Tangente Speed RT...all made by Hutchinson.

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by Ltyarbro42

I love to P1s also, and I did just see something from Schwable that they are releasing a tubeless version of the regular v-guard one in the nearish future. I really want those.

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by scottgps

I have been using Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance. They ride great but do not last. I have tossed two rear tires within four months. Strange, the tire is always on the rear wheel and has ended with a large gash each time. I am still using the original front tire though.

I purchased four tires since March. I will be looking for something else soon.


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by ancker

I've been super happy with Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance. So far no issues and they seem to ride/roll pretty fast.
I have Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season on my other wheelset and while they're a little slower, they are just as good in terms of durability.

I really wish there was a decent gumwall tubeless option with some durability. I miss the gumwall look on my wheels, but I'm not going back to tubes.

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by IrrelevantD

I keep Pro Ones on my "fast" wheels, but use Maxxis Padrones on my everyday wheels. I've had more durable tires, but the Padrones have been a good mix of durability, speed and comfort. They are also a bit more grippy than the Pro Ones, especially in the wet. I've only had one issue with a puncture on them, and that was a slice all the way across the tire. Doubt anything would have stopped that.

I can't speak to Hutchinson as I haven't ridden them since the Fusion 3. I've been thinking about trying the 11-storm ones though when my current tires give out.
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by jfranci3

Hutchinson Fusion 5 INTNERGALATIC 11Storms are a notch nicer than the Pro Ones in my experience. They don't seem to get flats/cuts as easy, roll a touch better, and ride a lot better.

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by dcorn

I've been using Hutchinson Sector 32s for the last year or so and haven't had a problem. No cuts or punctures at all.

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by dvq

I've gotten the following from rear wheels:
- 1600mi on pro ones 25mm
- 1200mi on galaktic 11storms 28mm
- 1200mi on zipp rt25 25mm
- 3200mi on sector 28mm

Currently testing 11storm performance in 28mm, predicting about 1600mi out of them maybe?

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by Mirco

Since 4 weeks Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless 23mm on Roval CL 50 Disc. Al together 2467km now, no problems.

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by anykarthik

I'm on Hutchinson 11storm performance in 28mm as well. Have gone through a set of Pro Ones and otherwise ride gp4000 s2s.
On the Hutchs --
+ Grippy!! Pro Ones are horrible here in my experience. The Hutch is leagues ahead and even more tractive compared to the Contis.
+ Super comfortable at same pressures compared to the others. I don't even feel some expansion joints on the road that were super evident with the Contis.
+ Much more durable than Pro One. Feels similar to the Conti.
- Rear tire developed a small bubble in the sidewall after < 1k miles. Warranty replacement.
- Started out a true 28mm on a pair of Hed Ardennes. Expanded to 31mm within < 1k miles at about 80psi. 31mm doesn't fit my frame and I need a 25mm rear tire now.

Can't say much about rolling resistance since the difference (either up or down) are likely small.

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by TobinHatesYou

Honestly the biggest advantage for me with the Hutchinsons is the ease of which they mount and unmount from rims. Just means I don't ever have to carry tire levers.

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by jfranci3

In bad thing on the 111111storms Galatia I’m using, they are not confidence inspiring going from center tread to turning. It’s probably related to the soft ride or shape. The seem to have gotten better after a few hundred miles

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou


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