How to fix this?? [scratch in paint]

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by PrinceEdward

A watery marker maybe applicable in this situation

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DarthKrutall wrote:
Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:41 am
FWIW I’ve used Meguiars Scratch x 2.0 a number of times on my carbon/gloss frames with great results, your welcome to do your own research though.
While it doesn’t remove scratches entirely, from what I know it blends the current paint and clear coat to cover up what’s unsightly
I wouldn't rush to use this kind of product. It can't blend in paint and clearcoat as that would suggest it's still semi-liquid. What these products do is slightly cut away at the paint/top coat ie remove some of it, thereby softening the edges of the scratch and consequently the light doesn't reflect quite as harshly off the edges so it lessens the effect of the scratch. I personally use a filler type cleaner/polisher such as Bilt Hamber cleanser-polish.

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