Tires on Canyon Ultimate. How wide?

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by KanonDalen

Hi guys

How wide tires can i fit on my Canyon Ultimate CF SL?
I have 25 mm. Conti 4season mounted atm, but i would like to run 28 mm. Contis instead if possible.

by Weenie

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by JoO

I have a canyon ultimate CF SL.

it depends:
The height of the tire is probably more critial than the width.

I have had conti GP4000S2 in 25 and they were as wide as the conti 4 season in 28mm mounted on 15 mm internal width rims.
This was 3 years ago.

I have heard from a friend that the new 4 season 28 mm are wider but I can't confirm that.

I have since changed wheels to 18 mm internal and 21 mm internal.
Conti GP4000S2 in 28 does not fit (it balloons to 30-31 mm) on 18 mm rims

right now I am using vittoria corsa G in 25 mm on 21 mm internal rims.
They are more U shaped and 28 mm wide but not as tall.
They fit my wheels perfectly.

It also depends on the type of debris you have on your roads. On dry roads you don't need a lot of clearance but you some more if the roads are wet and you tires are more prone to picking up debris.

you can check with and height of a large number of tires.

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by Bordcla

How do they not fit on an Ultimate when they do on the Aeroad, both on the 17mm stock Reynolds and on 25mm Enve ARs?

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by hannawald

ultimate cf sl is previous generation frame, older than your slx models can fit 28mm, don't know about non disc sl.

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by Sammutd88

My CF SL fits anything up to a measured 29mm mounted on a 17C rim comfortably with rim brakes however height of the tyre is the limiting factor.

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