Campagnolo Shifting Issue Part 2

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by Mr.Gib

So I am successfully using a mid-cage Record RD which compensates reasonably well for the lack of accurate indexing (which was shifting issue part 1). Not perfect, but I am willing to accept a bit of noise in certain gears (not sure I have a choice).

Part 2: earlier this week mid-ride, the RD decides that it will no longer shift below the 17 tooth cog leaving me with a poorly operating 17-29 six speed.

No frayed cable jamming things up. Just the rear derailleur refusing to move down the cassette beyond the 17. Again the groupset is 1 year new 11 speed Record mechanical. Interesting detail - a month ago a riding buddy had the exact same thing happen to his 5 month new 11 speed Super Record mechanical. He is still waiting for a "repair".

Any ideas? Me and my buddy can't be the only victims.
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by NiFTY

A derailleur not moving down the cassette is 4 things -
1) sticky cable/housing
2) Sticky pivot
3) Busted spring
4) Improper limit screws
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by Weenie

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by wingguy

I've only seen that happen from a frayed cable inside the shifter body. Of course you can start from the top and isolate shifter issues by unrouting the cable from the bike, putting tension on it and running through the clicks like that.

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by Calnago

Can’t think of anything to add to @Nifty’s list.
If you detach the derailleur from the rear derailleur, does it move down then and take the chain with it
I know you say the cable isn’t frayed but just to cover the bases, have you peeled back the rubber hood on the right lever, from the bar end back, to inspect the derailleur cable as it exits the lever and bends into the port that enters the actual cable housing? This is the only place near the lever that I could think might be a problem, unless you have something stuck in the lever itself. And I have never had an occasion to completely disassemble an 11sp lever so not sure of what could actually go wrong inside, unlike with the 10sp stuff.
But yeah, if the derailleur without a cable attached to it will spring down to the smallest cog, and the cable isn’t all mangled where it makes a sharp bend upon exiting the levers, then I’d say it has to be friction in the system somewhere. Got any pics? Is the rear derailleur housing loop in good shape? Long enough?
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by Catagory6

does the thumb lever make all the clicks? and does the cable carrier (the part that the cable head sits in) move through all the positions? can you detach the cable from the RD, grab onto the end of the cable, and feel the shifter pulling and releasing the cable as it normally should?

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by kytyree

Inside the lever the only issue I've had with 11sp Campy levers was a busted spring. I'm not sure what the current thought is on replacing that spring to rebuild the lever. That was on my oldest 11sp levers that date back to when the 11sp groups had come out and I think it was from something I read here (maybe from Graeme) that I decided it was probably easiest to just order a new body and then put my lever and rubber hood on that.

If it's not one of the other possibilities listed, I remember that it was kind of hard to see that the spring was broken until I compared it to a functioning lever and then I could see that part of it had broken off.

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by beeatnik

I had the same issue with 2015 Super Record. I think mine shifted through the last 8 sprockets. Don't recall what the fix was; I'll check with my wrench. I think we just recabled and made a few small adjustment.

Catagory6, my thumb shifter wouldn't click after the 4th sprocket. Some of the details are coming back to me, but the cable had lost tension and kind of dangled through the chainstay guides (on the 4th sprocket).

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by DJT21

Could be this small bolt has loosened off. A bit of a pain as you need to remove the shifter to tighten it.


by Weenie

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by Mr.Gib

It is not a shifter issue. The thumb button does all the correct clicking and the cable comes out of the shifter smoothly.

Spring is fine. This derailleur has maybe 300 km on it.

Must be something to do with one of the pivots. I have suspicions about that mechanism that controls the position of the upper jockey wheel - the little silver wheel with the teeth on it and that little screw - H screw?

It's a really weird problem.
wheelsONfire wrote: When we ride disc brakes the whole deal of braking is just like a leaving a fart. It happens and then it's over. Nothing planned and nothing to get nervous for.

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