My Canyon Ultimate CF SL needs to be slammed but..

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by Hw44

I ride Canyon Ultimate CF SL for several months now and I am ready to take my position on bike to the next level. After a month the steerer tube has been cut but there is a headset called Acros The Clamp (Ai-70 fiber) which is quite ugly in terms of overall look of the bike and I wanna replace it with a different one and then slam the stem down.
Canyon Czech Republic and Acros itself replied my emails with a word "It is unchangable" But I think It´s not true.
If somebody know the way or better have some experiences with same frame please let me know.

p.s. I wish to remain the top cap by Canyon so maybe ste steerer tube should be cut more even after slammed stem. Or should not ?

by Weenie

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by MayhemSWE

The clamp can be replaced with a normal flat headset cover. Obviously you cannot keep your current top cap though, you will need an expander inside the steerer or else you will not be able to preload the bearings. Well I guess you could install the expander, tighten down the stem, then remove the expander, but that seems like a huge hassle to me…

Canyon should have a suitable kit available with bearing dust cover, expander and top cap. Or at least they did a few years ago when I swapped out the clamp on my previous generation Ultimate CF SLX.

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by iamraymond

There’s a pro on the Canyon SRAM racing team running a totally slammed Canyon CF SLX WMN which I believe has the same Acros headset. I saw it on GCN on one of their pro bike videos. The video doesn’t go into any detail about how it was done, but they did point it out.

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