SISL2 + Spidering with BSA BB

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by oldturd

Searched for abit as I was thinking about undertaking this.. concensus is sure it can be done with a 68mm shell but will need 119mm spindle and will affect Qfactor and chain line.

Question though- has this actually been done by any of the prior threadstarters inquiring and can they confirm that Qfactor and chain line was affected?

I havent bought the Wheels Mfg BB nor the spindle (or any spacers) yet, so thought I'd put it out there before spending some cash

Thanks! :beerchug:

by Weenie

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by dudemanppl

Won't work.

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by NiFTY

Question for you oldturd. How would adding an extra 18mm of spindle between the crankarms not increase q factor and affect chainline. You could go symmetrical and q factor will be +9mm each side and chainline will be 9mm out OR you can keep the chainline and space out the nondrive side. and have the right pedal in the correct location and the L pedal 18mm outboard.

Give up. Get a different crank. I own 2 hollowgrams and they aren't amazing enough to justify the effort people put into trying to make them fit into everything.
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by oldturd

Thanks Nifty- appreciate the rude awakening. :oops: Was aware of that just wanted to know if anyone actually went through with it.

Yah, giving up. Just have a set on the spare bike that I wanted to try out on my BSA frame.

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by Gearjunkie

Sram Red Exogram is (with the right chain rings) similar weight, more reliable and a WHOLE lot cheaper.

And, most importantly, will fit your frame if you choose the GXP version.

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by alcatraz

On my bb30 and using 109mm (bb30a) axle I had to put a 2.5mm spacer on the ds and a 5mm spacer on the nds (and wavy washer).

By this info it seems to me that by adding 9mm on the ds you will be off chainline by 6-7mm.

Isn't the problem that the long axles have a ridge that stops it from going it through the bb far enough?

If you are a big guy I wouldn't worry about q-factor. There is research that says that Q should be different depending on your size. Just pick pedals with a small "Q". Some have left/right cleats where if you swap them you can change the Q by a few mm.

by Weenie

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