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by CraigKnobovitch

Pretty simple question. I'm looking at getting a MyO Orca or Orca Aero very soon but i'm still deciding which to go for.
This is going to be a bike that I have for quite a while. So here's some background about me to possibly aid in whatever choice you guys think would be best.

18, racing as an independant (for fun), work in a bike shop (orbea dealer). Basically I want something that's going to be good for racing and also whenever I'm riding (almost always 50km+).

Basically just want opinions for which frame to go with, Orca OMP or OMR, or Aero.

If you've had any saddle time in any i'd really appreciate whatever opinions you have. Haven't really had any quality saddle time with any of the frames.

by Weenie

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by jch3n

I'd be inclined to go with the non-aero Orca as a lightweight all-rounder. It's probably more comfortable than the Orca Aero and still plenty raceable. Save the money on the OMR version and get nicer components and wheels.

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by bilwit

Just depends if you want a lightweight (relative) bike or an aero bike. The normal OMR looks pretty classy and has that bowed out fork like the dogma or xr4. The aero looks good but weighs a ton.. way too much without any real aero performance data to justify it (ie. if you're in the aero market for performance, the Orbea wouldn't be among the premium bikes out there..).

Last year I was actually almost about to buy an OMR until the Aero was announced and then I put in an order for it just because it was the latest. I ended up cancelling and getting the new Teammachine instead..

tl;dr if I was deadset on getting an Orbea, I'd get the OMR. If I was deadset on getting an aero bike, I wouldn't get an Orbea unless I was absolutely in love with how it looks..

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by mag

Yes Orca Aero is really less comfortable, and quite heavier as well. If you're going to ride on a flattish terrain and on a decent surface it's "manageable". If you intend to use it as more general purpose bike on a wider variety of terrains and worse quality roads then I'd go for the Orca myself.
Orca OMP is based on the older frame design (pre-MY2017) than OMR and sbout 150g heavier (frame).

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