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by eforce123

Hi everyone,

I have been riding for almost 6 months now and it is time to upgrade my Walmart skateboard helmet to a cycling one. I did upgrade the bike to a Cannondale hi mod with dura ace 9000 a few months ago. (Love it). The shop in Costa Mesa has been extremely helpful and they recommended
Giro Synthe
bontrager velocis
giant rev

I am not one to focus on price if another product is actually better. I know aero is important so I wanted to focus on that and weight.

*if one offers the better overall head protection I am going with that helmet. I have had many concussions from Motorcross and need to protect my head as best I can. I mean it is not about if I crash, it is about when and how hard.

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by RussellS

I am pretty sure all helmets must meet a minimum safety level. Withstand so much impact, or something like that. So all helmets sold are safe. I'm sure some helmets are safer than others. But not sure its worth pursuing that path. Wearing a motorcycle helmet might be safest of all. So you should do that if maximum safety is concerned. Lightweight is better than heavyweight. Your neck has to hold the helmet up. But a few grams makes no difference. Aero, style, whatever. No comment. Most important is to find a helmet that fits your head. Helmets have different shapes. The fitting system inside adjusts to fit different head shapes differently. Bell helmets are shaped to fit my head perfectly. So I only buy Bell helmets. And I am happy with my helmet. So try to sample helmets in the store or wherever, and get one that fits your head shape. This is the most important thing of all.

by Weenie

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by lostrainbow

Bontrager has 1 year crash replacement for free. I didn't receive my replacing Ballista in 3 weeks and my local dealer just give me a Ballista MIPS. So, good local dealer is really important.

Had 2 crashes, one with Kask Infinity (suprisingly not hot when vent open), cornering and descending. Really fast, got knocked out, concussion, neck is all good. Doctor is surprised. Another one is with Ballista, 15 mph, head landed first. Helmet cracked and I didn't feel pain. I had both helmet adjusted by concerning fellow riders in the club. It helped a lot.

I can't say which helmet is safer but they are both much safer than no helmet.

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by Hexsense

There are actually some tests going on: ... et-safety/

From initial batch tests,
Bontrager Ballista MIPS rank very high in safety too. Higher than Specialized Evade II and most other aero helmets.

PS. same thing written with more/different information at bikeradar ... ent-52514/

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by bilwit

I'd always recommend the Synthe but the only drawback is that it seems like a lot of people have it so may not be unique enough if you care about that stuff. It's still one of the lightest lids on the market right now and even still comparable with others when you get it with MIPS (which is also about the same weight as the newer version that just came out). Good venting and looks great (in fact it seems like every company copied its same general style after it came out).

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by Calnago

I like the Synthe as well. Crashed and broke it, but saved my life. I replaced it with a Synthe MIPS version. Didn’t like the plastic of the Mips so reverted back to the regular Synthe. Whatever you get just make sure it fits your head shape first and foremost.
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by eforce123

Thank you everyone. I will go try the Synthe and ballista and see which fits my head better

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by Squashednuts

I'm a fan of POC helmets, they seem to focus on safety,
Fuji SL 5.8kg - viewtopic.php?f=10&t=157704

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by 3Pio

Crashed with Synthe, Non Mips version.Broke wrist, but head was protected from Helmet.

Now im replacing with same helmet (Again Non Mips version since feel more comfortable).

Why i like Synthe?


Comfortable for my head

No Wind Noise so i can hear better cars

Good ventilation and no sweat in my eyes (or at least less thab my Specialized Propero II)

Look good

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by mbdurham17

Squashednuts wrote:I'm a fan of POC helmets, they seem to focus on safety,
Same here I have a POC and a Synthe I rarely if ever find myself reaching for the Synthe

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by Weenie

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