Inexpensive steel frames with trendy paint jobs?

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by Shrike

Have been wanting to build a couple of do it all bikes for touring, winter use, popping into town for myself and the missus, but always held back because knowing myself, it'll have to be something that I find stylish and I love looking at. Anyway, I spotted this frame today which is perfect. Aside from the looks, it's not a common brand name, which gives it a slight touch of thief protection, like maybe 5 seconds worth. But I'd prefer that to something with Specialized on the side of it. ... e-frameset ... rdgeschoss

Really at a loss when it comes to steel and alu frames from smaller builders. Must be loads of trendy little frames that aren't too pricey but with gorgeous paint jobs?

by Weenie

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by Marin

There are very few.

You qualify 1800€ as cheap? You can get 1.5 Barco frames for that money.

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by Shrike

Oh no, wouldn't be spending 1800 on the frame, want something cheaper else I'd be tempted to go with Standert, they have a new version of that cross frame in the work currently..

Disappointed if that's true about there not being many frame builders who're doing what I'm looking for :x

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by silvalis

Curve? There are a few steel models that might suit - paint is sort of on-demand though.
Bowman Pilgrim disc? It's aluminium. They used to do something with more clearance (forgotten the name. Layham?) as well.

I also quite like the 2018 NS Bikes Rag+. This one is super cheap. Aluminium as well.
Chasse patate

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by muti

How about Cinelli Vigorelli road(2x)?For around 780 euros(even less if you find it on sales)you have a Columbus Thron frame with Columbus Futura fork .Plus it has a pretty trendy paintjob and I think it can be used for training/criterium workhorse for years to come(Columbus Thron is very dependable tubing,not light but also not thin so it can haddle a lot of abuse).If you are not interested on disc brake only bikes that is.

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by WinterRider

"Inexpensive steel" stated.

From the recycle pile via the bike coop couple yrs ago.. LeTour 12.2 63cm.


Rolls near equal my Litespeed.. w 32's tubeless... 23 7oz w trail wheelset.

Litespeed 2000 Appalachian 61 cm
Litespeed 1998 Blue Ridge 61cm

Fitness rider.. 1 yr from seven decades age.

That is my story and I'm stick'n to it.

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ALAN Carbon+
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by ALAN Carbon+

Colossi have some reasonable price steel frames made from Columbus steel (HSS, Zona and Max) not sure if they are available as a disc bike or rim brake only. Another opttion might be the Genesis Equilibrium disc.

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by Broady

One of the smaller established framebuilders like Woodrup or Bob Jackson would be ideal, a bit more classic than trendy but should last you a lifetime.

I've had my eye on an Olympus Road for similar reasons. Handbuilt in Leeds, classic frame, great price too.


by Weenie

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by WheelNut

Marinoni has a couple steel road frames that you can configure with many different choices of paint colours. I've heard they will do some custom work above and beyond what is in their catalog, but I'm not sure if actually true or not. The paint layouts aren't on the bleeding edge of graphic design trends, but at least you can choose the colours, which is a good start. Alternatively you could always buy a frame and have it custom painted. That's what I would do.

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