2019 Madone Disc SLR flexy??

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by leej88

Looking to get a new bike in the next couple of months and have pretty much narrowed it down to:
1. 2019 venge disc
2. 2019 Madone Disc SLR.

Haven't had a chance to test ride the new venge so I can't comment much.

The Madone Disc SLR however, was available for test ride and my initial impression was that it felt fast. Bike shoots forward with every pedal stroke but I can't help but notice that the new Bar Stem combo was very flexy.

Could literally see the bars flex when you're pulling at it during sprints and that's not something I enjoyed very much.

Is it supposed to be like that for added comfort? Haven't read any reviews that mentioned that so I'm hoping it's not just me.

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by TobinHatesYou

Have you ridden bikes with aero bars before? Most aero bars are inherently weaker than bars with round or egg-shaped tops due to the flat construction.

by Weenie

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by leej88

I've tried:
1. Syncros RR1.0
2. Vision matron 5D
3. 3T aeronova
4. Enve acrobats
5. S Works Aerofly

But nothing as noodly as the new Madone bars. Doesn't require much effort to twist them.

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by jlok

couldn't believe there's bar softer than Aeronova...
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by romanmoser

I am with you on the aeronova softness

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