Tubeless Tire - Big puncture: how big is too big? Patch possible?

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by octave

hi everyone,

setting out quite excited for a long ride this afternoon, i was much disappointed to puncture and see my tires, Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless (700c x 25), begin spurting sealant everyone. the hole is pretty big. a slice about 4mm long.

question 1: how big of a hole is too big to keep using a tubeless tire? the hole eventually was sealed up, and i was able to ride home. it is currently sitting downstairs and i will see if it holds pressure...

question 2: how effective are patches? i noticed Hutchinson makes a road tubeless patch kit, the Rep'Air, that got at least one positive review. does any have any patching experience?



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by dvq

Question 1: I've successfully ridden 7mm wide cuts till the end of life, but not on sealant alone, with a tubeless plug. 4mm should be fine with just sealant.
Question 2: Save yourself the headache and just get a DynaPlug instead.

by Weenie

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by Marin

I use a Genuine Innovations tubeless worm kit, works great. 4mm should be no problem.

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by TobinHatesYou

I’m experimenting with fast curing boat hull / marine sealant as a long-term repair option for tubeless punctures that had trouble sealing. Seems to work really well. This isn’t something that works on the road since it requires about 24 hours to cure.

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by IrrelevantD

SImilar to what others have said, 4mm shouldn't be a huge problem. I've done the Genuine Innovations worms before on 4-6mm cuts and they hold just fine. I keep them in my saddle bag and I'll use them on the road to plug anything that doesn't seal up pretty quick or starts leaking again.

I'm also a fan of putting just a normal glue on tube patch on the inside of the tire for bigger cuts in the 5-7mm or so range. I personally feel better about doing this than the plugs, it just kinda depends on the situation and how much I feel like un-mounting, cleaning, gluing and re-mounting the tire.

Once you start getting bigger than that is where I start worrying about the tire.
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