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by blaugrana


I have seen in the spare parts list that Campagnolo has an "insert for large hands" (EC-SR040) for their hoods, but there is no explanation about what they actually do. If they sat between the handlebars and the lever body making it effectively a bit longer that would be something I'd be interested in, but looking at their shape maybe they only change the angle to put the levers further away from the drops. I am currently using Chorus (2015) levers on 3T Rotundo bars and I like the combination, but sometimes just wish that there was a bit more room to rest the hands on the hoods.

Has anyone here used those inserts or seen how they work?

by Weenie

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by c60rider

I've never had a need to use the inserts but I thought they always came as a spare with ergolevers when you buy them new. At least there's always been a pair of black things that I vaguely recall seeing instructions about increasing hand space. I've no idea where I'd put them as I've never had a need to bother. I guess if you buy a complete bike you would never have seen them.

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by kwakekeham

Two little holes at the back / bottom of the ergo's. The big hand inserts just go in there before you bolt it onto your bars. Ergo presses on the big hand insert and the insert contacts the bars. It causes the lower edge to rotate away thus increasing the distance to the levers but keeps the top of the ergo's flush with bar.

They do indeed always come with new shifters in box. I'm not sure about the hydraulics though because they have both a reach and engagement adjustment so might not be needed.

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