Trust fork after frontal crash?

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by Alexandrumarian

so it happened...some tinybrain crossed my path claiming he didn't see me. OK... Leaving aside the sorry state in which I am, what about the fork. I am not mobile enough to open the thing up check the steerer but from what I can see on the outside, no cracks. Frankly even with no visible damage i would be reluctant to still use it. Ofc insurance will likeley not cover something that is not obviously broken. And what about the headtube..... I know nobody can xray-guess the damage in some internet forum carbon but I guess I need some venting. Pissed beyond words...I don't care about the driver, more about the damn universe which chooses to wreck a nice Sunday and make me spend it in a hospital.

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by 2lo8

I don't know how your insurance works, but go to your LBS, express your concerns and ask them to write down their professional opinion, tell them that insurance is probably covering it.
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by Weenie

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by hannawald

it seems you already know what you need to do, just looking for some miraculous solution..
most of all you survived..
if it was not your fault i guess you will be covered by the drivers insurance.
without xray and unmounting it you can not say.. unless you are very experienced and sensitive rider who can recognise even the smallest change..
according to your demaged wheelset it seems it was not a minor accident so there is a chance something is damaged. handlebar in the clamping area, steerer of the fork..

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by Alexandrumarian

Took the wheel out and flexed the fork legs, also tried to lever it around, can't hear any noises, same for when tapping around. Need to find the mood to take it apart, right now it is sicknening. Handlebar let go because I had it undertorqued and a rather slippery paste (morgan) so I hope nothing crushed there.

Impact wasn't at high speed, I only had 24kmh. The car turned left coming from the opposite direction (claimed he didn't see me) and I went right into it, flied over and landed on my head. Helmet has 3 full breaks.... Besides the wheel and helmet, have lots of scrapes on SR levers, Garmin PM, brand new Bont shoes, San Marco FX saddle.... Sprained/strained neck, ankle, thumb, hematomas on face, head, leg. I won't be working or riding for a while so i am really bummed. In theory the insurance will cover an invoice from the LBS, but local shops tend not to carry this kind of stuff. Oh well...

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by Antoine

if I wa you, I would remove the fork from the frame and do a coin tap test

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by alcatraz

I don't have any experience but I'd check around the bottom headset bearing to see if there are any signs of anything. Fork and head tube.

Also the headtube's connection to the top tube/down tube, anything that looks like a paint crack.

Good you are ok. Don't worry about the bike.

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by lwk

I had a similar accident some years back, except vehicle turned in front of me. Hardly any damage to bike, just some minor scratches. Rode bike for another year or so, fork was fine. Only thing I noticed was that the headset developed play more frequently.....

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by hannawald

all of it including helmet should be covered by the drivers insurance.. contact the driver so he asks the insurance company and consult with them what to do.. if they need to check themselves or they neee photo and bills or some report from your bike store.. i would claim even all the scratches.. let's see what they suggest.. they will also cover your medical expense etc..

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by mag

If you know someone you can have it X-rayed which will really help if done well. Once I used this method to successfully locate a crack in the carbon.

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by Alexandrumarian

Real wheel is affected too, just noticed it has serious wobble both vertical and horizontal. There is also some noticeable play in the rear derailleur. Not sure if it was like this before but shifting seems less accurate.

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by Vermu

Been in few crashes and in other fork was completely damaged, on other it seemed to be ok,but both headset bearings were damaged and had markings on it.
My claim for the company was that they either pay for a new one, or if something happens with the fork, they cover the damages.
Obviously they paid for the fork.

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by Weenie

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by FIJIGabe

I would send the bike out to be inspected. If they're paying for it (presumably, given the insurance), then give someone like Ruckus a call and have them do a whole-bike inspection. Heck, they may turn up damage you didn't think existed. They may also have experience dealing with insurance companies.
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