steerer tube extender?

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by nrsnow

Im looking for an easy solution to extending a carbon steerer tube. I want to add some height to the stem but am limited bc of the lack of available steerer tube. I know I could buy a new fork, i've seen alloy steertube extenders that fit onto the steer tube but I feel those look ugly. What are some known solutions people have experienced with?
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by Weenie

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by AJS914

There is no such extender for a carbon steerer tube. Your best bet is probably an upward sloping stem.

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by AJS914

You might not have to go that extreme. Just flip a standard 6 or 8 degree stem so it points up. Even a 90 degree stem will put you a cm or two higher.

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by 2lo8

You should note that when you start getting to angles like that, it really throws off the effective reach if those are C-C measurements. The perpendiuclar (equivalent to a 90/0 degree stem with spacers) measurement for a 6 degree stem is about 99.5mm for a 100mm stem. A 40 degree 100mm stem is only about 76.6mm pependiuclar distance. That's compounded by the fact that a steerer is angled back, so the bar being ~50mm higher means that the bar will be ~15mm back due to head tube angle.
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by Weenie

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by kman

Just fit an upward sloping stem
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