Recovering saddle

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by NiFTY

After the overweight ax leaf debacle I think i will buy a bare one second hand and cover it myself. I have some barge cement which looks to be good for this so just need some leather and maybe some foam.

If anyone has done this before just wondering what thickness of leather I should purchase and whether there are leather types (animals) that won't work well due to stretch.

Also anyone have a source for really light foam, like the stuff berk uses - as that seems like a good trade off between padding and weight.

ANy trips and tricks?
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by sungod

probably more a matter of how the leather was tanned and treated

it's got survive high humidity, rain, etc. without cracking or breaking down

this site might help with research, it even has a section on saddles including bike ones ... ... her_saddle

by Weenie

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by glepore

I've had good luck with tanned sheepskin leather and goatskin. Contact cement works great, as does Mastik one...
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by Dan512

Contact cement is the way to go. Or just drop in at a local upholstery shop and ask what they use, they will probaly Sell you some for a little sth. in the tip jar.

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