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by Robbyville

wintershade wrote:
Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:54 pm
Robbyville wrote:
Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:24 am
Um, did you say Bay area? You know that they're at some place called Taylor Stitch for a fitting tour tomorrow in the Bay area Valencia - Mission location wherever that is. You should go just to visit!
Thanks Robbyville, for the detailed post of your experience. Super super helpful, and sounds absolutely fantastic. I did notice they were in the Bay Area, which is what prompted the post. I was fed up with my Enigma experience and going to spring for the SV rather impulsively, as I love the paintwork so. They only had a couple time slots left which wouldn't work for me. But that said, I think I'd rather just take a trip to visit them in Portland and get the full experience. At the SV price, you're buying more than a bike -- it's an experience, and I want the full one.

One question I had was during the fit process -- did they have you riding one of those cool "bikes" where they can alter every aspect of geometry in real time? Something like this? http://www.gurucycling.com/wp-content/t ... tep2-1.jpg
I ask because the one thing I found somewhat unsatisfactory about my Enigma fitting experience was the builder basicly just took my measurement, asked me some questions, put me on a stock bike that was my "off the rack" size with an adjustable stem to make some refinements, and that was it. Seems like to really dial things in perfectly you'd need more tech then that, but I could be wrong...
Yep he uses a fitting bike as well (not a guru), similar set up where he first asks whether you tend to mash or spin the pedals which I think he does partially to determine crank length. You also generally bring a saddle with you if you plan to use the same one on your new bike.

During the order process you send in a long list of measurements including the stats on your favorite riding bike if applicable. So in my case I sent in my measurements that they requested along with info on my Domane even though I was going to have a more aggressive posture on the Vagen.

Sasha then essentially uses the fitting bike to measure and build around your riding style. You ride the fitting bike about 80% of the time while he adjusts. At the end of the fitting he had a full cad drawing and measurements for the new frame.

Hope this helps, looks like you have a stellar bike being built for you, two customs would probably make my head explode! :)

by Weenie

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by KWalker

wintershade wrote:
Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:06 am
KWalker wrote:
Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:53 pm
Dude you shouldn't be buying custom. 1cm stem length should not dramatically alter handling nor should you be "choking up". Who did your fit? My guess is it is sub-optimal and you're hoping for Sasha to solve it for you, which he may or may not do and then paying out the ass for a bike you may or may not need. The problem is that you will have confirmation bias if he does solve the problem and if you drop that much coin on a bike. Plus with a kid coming along and a good, modern bike in the stable I'd want to completely exhaust the fit option before I went custom especially a custom that is a bit overpriced and (especially if you search here or Paceline) has had a noticeable decline in finishing quality the past few years.
I got fitted by 3D Bike Fit in San Francisco. They're a well-regarded outfit with Retul and 3D video capture. They swapped my stem from 10cm to 13cm (which I felt like ABSOLUTELY changed the bike's handling and my weight balance over the wheels), and I've since moved it back to a 12cm stem, which feels pretty good, but not perfect, but not as perfect as my custom steel fixie pathracer that the same builder (who is making my Enigma) made for me 10 years ago.

It's entirely possible I don't need a custom geo. I guess we all like to thing we're special. But without knowing my inseam, torso length, and windspan how can you be so sure? :-P

Anyways -- I'm getting my Enigma, which is will be built to an endurance/race geo. We'll see if the Ultimate is redundant or worth keeping, and once my life is transformed post-kids I'll figure out what (if anything) is next. Perhaps the Enigma will be the only bike I need, which was the original intention. But I woudl like to continue to hear from SV owners -- feel free to PM me if you'd rather not share something publicly.
Dude, get re-fit. Literally EVERY person I know that I would consider a good cyclist that has gone there has gotten re-fit with significant positive changes. You have to wonder how good a person is when they constantly blame off the shelf this or that, have no formal training of any sort, and don't actually work with anyone of a moderately high level who depend on fit for performance. My setup leaving 3D was so bad I was given a partial refund. He does the same fit for almost everyone. Go see Curtis Cramblett at Revolutions in Fitness or one of his associates. Many people I know end up going there or to Neal Henderson. Both work with Pro Tour riders and Curtis has pretty extensive training outside of cycling and actually continues his education.

Like you noted, they always move you forward, put on a really long stem, and sell you on their footbeds or pedal interface. For me they moved my seat down 1cm, forward 1cm, and put me on a 140 noting I needed a 150 or custom bike. After a month on it and failing to get anywhere close to decent numbers and feeling super far over the front of the bike I went to Curtis. It was well worth the money and he ended up moving me actually pretty close to where I started, but was able to offer solutions for some of my issues on and off the bike. It prevented me from plopping down on a new bike and after a short adaptation period things were standard and hitting PR's at various power durations. Everyone that I later referred to RIF, including many unsatisfied 3D customers, had similar experiences.
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by wintershade

KWalker wrote:
Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:38 pm

Dude, get re-fit. Literally EVERY person I know that I would consider a good cyclist that has gone there has gotten re-fit with significant positive changes.
Interesting... Regarding getting re-fit, is now a good time to do that? Now meaning, I'm training at peak mileage for Ironman Canada exactly a month from today? I guess a refit leanding into my taper isn't the worst time, but it does feel like a high risk move. I don't feel perfect on my bike, but it's not terrible... I am starting to have a little knee pain during higher-power grinds up steeper hills, but seems like pretty normal stuff.... Anyhow, would you recommend waiting until after the race?

I had heard very good thing about 3D Fit though. I had gotten fitted by Pedro in the past and left feeling LESS comfortable (went back to pre-Pedro fit). 3D was at least an improvement from that....

Anyhow, I'll give Curtis Cramblett a call and see what he availablity looks like, though going down to Peninsula is a bit of a PITA, it's worth it if it keeps me from having to buy/build a bike that cost 2x my Canyon (incredible value!)

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