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by NiFTY

Just got a black ax leaf leather for my evo.
Already had a white leather version which i bought second hand at 88g.

Disappointly it is sitting between 97 and 98g on my scales.
It looks like there is an extra amount of epoxy at the saddle rail to shell that is making the weight difference.
They claim 92g +/- 5% so mine is just under 7% over so not ridiculous but am a bit disappointed.

This pattern of thought is ridiculous as it is 6 grams but still.

Would anyone return one of these or suck it up OR sand down the extra epoxy so it looks like the white one.
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by Weenie

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by 2lo8

My opinion is that the manufacturing tolerances are the manufacturing tolerances. It's being sold on weight. If it's not the right weight, it's not as advertised. Being on the edge should be the tail end of a bell curve, should not be common, and they set those benchmarks for themselves once they listed a tolerance. I don't think they can claim approximate weight when they specified how far out of spec it can be. If it is out of spec, it is out of spec.

That being said, bike companies disagree with me. Schwalbe for example lists +/- 8% tolerance. I complained to them that I had a batch of Schwalbe Ones of which the average exceeded the tolerance and most of them were out of tolerance. They told me I was being unreasonable and I can't expect them to hold these tolerances, and there should be toleranances on tolerances and told me they were only out of spec if they were some additional percentage beyond the listed 8% (of which most of them were still beyond this tolerance for the tolerance). Tolerances for tolerances, how silly.

I asked them to replace with in spec ones and to verify it. They told me they can't weigh every one in the warehouse, quite telling of what they think the actual average weight is and how little they care about QC. It seems to me if you can't hold a tolerance, or a specification, then don't advertise it, especially not as a selling point.

I expect my things to be near the listed average weight, not the edge of the listed tolerance, and certainly not beyond. I'll allow some variation for thinks that only have an approximate list weight, but if they list the tolerances, that's on them. If you're spending $x/g, then you can consider that they're overcharging you $x for every gram over spec.
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by sungod

there'd have to be a lot of surplus epoxy to make that much difference

given the surface area i'd think more likely would be slightly thicker leather/glue, if humidity is high then moisture absoption by the leather might also add a bit extra

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by NiFTY

Yeah I thought it was a bit much for epoxy alone but it is notceable, the leather doesn't feel notcably thicker but it is certainly possible. Much less humid now than when i weighed the other - winter in australia currently.
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by Kayrehn

Seriously it doesn't take that long to weigh and put a label on a saddle, and it's not as if they are churning out thousands of those saddles a day. Darimo sets the industrial gold standard for putting a weight label on their stuff, really cool.

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