New handlebars 3T vs Ritchey

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by Vermu


I'm changing my integrated cockpit of canyon to combination of a bit longer stem and narrower handlebar.
Canyon could supply new integrated but when stem lenght goes to 110 the handlebar widht increases to 420 and as my shoulders are 400, it wouldn't be as optimal.
And I've issues with shoulderplates and that should increase it.

Even as on the WW side I'm not exactly keen into using 400+ (€) on a handlebar. While internet is vast and deep I haven't really found reviews on Ritchey superlogic evo curve or 3T superergo.
Before doing integrated cockpits I was with compact bars and liked them. As the stem is a bit slammed the compact kept the drop a bit more comfortable. So points for 3T for that.
As I would like to keep cabling integrated. To my understanding superergo has solved the previous problems of ergonova. Claimed weight on either is a bit of a question. 3T has some issues with claimed, LTD versions being heavier. Don't know about Ritchey.

As there are users with these handlebars, I would apreciate insight on comfort and claimed weight, cheers :beerchug:

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by topflightpro

I believe the 3T has a slightly flatter top than the Ritchey.

by Weenie

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by moyboy

yes 3T is slightly flatter on the top with internal routing.

I have the 3T superergo ltd stealth.

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by savechief

As a point of reference, my 40cm 3T SuperErgo Team Stealth weighed 197 grams.
Time VXRS Ulteam (7.16 kg)

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by Vermu

Oh yes, typo. Internal cable routing was what I meant.

So they're both about the same weight (3T verified and Ritchey claimed).
3T is flatter and thus should be a tad more ergonomic. Since there are more SuperErgo users, what is your take on the handlebar?

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by corky

I have the previous version of the Superergo and love them, the only problem was/is the sharp bend between the tops and the start of the drops, it’s a little sharp that can cause brake cable binding. The new Superergo fixes this and if I could justify buying them I would in a heartbeat. I love the flat tops and that the drop flares out by 2cm ( 1 each side). Oh and the newer graphics are better too. Reach and drop are perfect for me.

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by Zakalwe

I went from ergonova to evocurve, couldn’t get on with the 3T at all. Internal routing is bad news if you ride mechanical. Prefer the shape of the Ritchey drops and the top of the curve suits where I mount the shifters so much better.

I’ve got the ergonova bars still if you want to try them for cheap, essentially new, less that 500k on them

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by Frankie - B

For carbon bars, I'd choose ritchey without having to think long and hard over it. Ritchey passes all CEN and CE tests with flying colors because Tom want's his parts to pass a test with double the amount of fatigue cycles. If CE says your bars should pass 20.000 cycles to make the norm, Ritchey parts will go further.
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by Weenie

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