Super record eps v2 upgrade

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Hi I after getting a slightly used super record eps groupset v2 is it worth the 600e to upgrade to the v3 and what are the benefits thanks as I'm just ready to build the bike

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by Weenie

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by TonyM

What do you have to upgrade? Battery and Interface?

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by csteenbe

Is it worth it ? Depends, if you have a charge hole in your frameset than no.

Charging point is easier accessible, true but not worth it to update.

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by kwakekeham

Battery hole for V2 but also the ability to change the configurations of the bottons to different modes via app (don't know anyone who uses anything other standard configuration though), the ANT+ shifter profile so your Garmin / Wahoo can record your gear position and display battery status (especially considering everyone mounts the interface under the stem so you can't see the lights) and if you have a Garmin or compatible (Wahoo currently isn't, only shifting and DI2 and DI2 incorporates proprietary remote control functions) with the ANT+ remote control profile the ability to change your display page and initiate laps from your EPS hoods. I never touch my cycle computer riding now and when I switch bikes to mechanical I feel like I'm moving backwards in tech to change a page.

Less used, but also in V3, BLE for My Campy app for recording sessions and gear status over BLE as well and firmware updates. This is how the ANT+ remote control profile was added.

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by torinb

One advantage is that you will get warning of low battery directly to your Garmin computer.

You can also change the setup for the buttons as mentioned. My right shifter is failing at the moment, but I can still use the gears by setting the system to operate both front and rear derailleur from left shifter.

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