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by pino

mrlobber wrote:
Fri Sep 06, 2019 12:23 pm
pino wrote:
Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:15 am
I would appreciate you keep this secret and between us, and don't mention a new O2 to anyone until we have officially launched it at Factor.
You just better hope Factor guys don't visit this forum ;) :twisted:
It refers to the O2 VAM factor, it is already on the market. I'm still waiting

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by pino

I get the frame Factor O2 VAM size 54, I have to thank Rob Getelis and for the seriousness of Factor.

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by Weenie

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by nickf

There are a lot of O2s running around here. Everyone seems to be pleased with them. Buddy of mine got a VAM disc but it cracked at the top tube/seat tube junction. Not near the clamp but closer to where the seat stays attach is how he described it. Warranty replacement, but he decided to go with a standard O2 this time.

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by kode54

nice weights on the VAM. Although I seldom sit on my top tube...I unconsciously do at times and for that reason, I probably won't upgrade to the lighter frame. I love the O2...such a nice frame.
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by angman19

Wow, what a great response by Factor offering their newest and free frame!

I am trying to decide between a 52cm or 54 cm as well. I'm so confused and unsure of what would work best for me. My most current bike was a Wilier Cento1 SR in a 54cm with a stack of 536 reach of 387 and headtube 137. I use a 100mm stem with it and rode it comfortably for 3 years.

I'm 5'9 and 32 inch inseam. I am leaning towards the 54cm. Worried about the toe overlap issues as well. Any thought? Thanks

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by DaveS

There's a significant difference in the reach between the 52 and 54. If the 52 is corrected to the same stack as the 54, it becomes 370mm and the 54 is 384. The stack on the 52 is 13mm less than the Willier. Since you're using a fairly short stem, the shorter reach on the 52 shouldn't be a problem.

Ultimately, it would depend on your handlebar reach, stem angle and spacer setup, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out, with the stack and reach of the alternatives all available.

You're 3 inches taller than I am, but I have a little more inseam, with a 73cm saddle height. I'd choose a 52 with a -17 stem, 110mm length, with little or no spacer. With the slack STA, I might get by with a zero setback post, instead of a 25mm.

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by angman19

Thanks for that Dave. So many variables i know. The 52 i'm looking at has a slammed stem so flexibility a little more limited there. I recall some online h=geometry calculator. Anyone know of one offhand?

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by alexaqui

Curious how accurate the Stack numbers are? I was reading online that perhaps they are a bit conservative. How much does the headset cap add? Looks like 3-5mm?

I'm seriously considering one except the 61 is too big and the 58 is a bit on the smaller size (currently have a tarmac at 591 vs factor 588 running ~2cm in spacers). I plan on racing it and working on flexibility so that may change.

Do people still recommend this frameset?

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