Fastest tire - Vittoria Corsa Speed (open TLR)

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by tinozee

Go for tubeless with the 340s, it's sweet! I had about 15 miles on three sets of those (pro, team and comp) and beat the crap out of them and they held up and were fast with tubeless. I literally never flatted on those and that's in new england and in Europe, in all conditions. I had one rear get soft after spring in europe and Stan's replaced it. It's super easy mounting and tubeless beads fit like a glove. I guess this is off topic but someone mentioned not trusting the 340s

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by TobinHatesYou

Older Stan's rims and certain tires resulted in tires blowing off IIRC. Also the first incarnation of Stan's 340s were just far too light and they had to add material/weight to them.

by Weenie

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by mrlobber

I can confirm these are absolutely the hardest tyres to mount.

And, even more so, on the Aerocoach front, when I pump the tyre up to 100psi, it does not sit against the internal sidewalls of the rim, so tight is the tyre bead. Aerocoach themselves sasy the rims are optimized for 23mm (although the inner width ir quite generous at 19mm), but it looks like this combination is not rideable, because the risk of sidewall going somewhere in a corner is just simply visible there.

I also wonder, how that one would have been set up as tubeless... no chance.

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