Kit: cheap vs high-end - worth it?

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by chorus88

jeanjacques wrote:
Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:19 pm
I'm always intrigued to see all of this trend of aero bike with all of this marginal gain and aside of this, same people without care about the aero of their cloth.
Castelli is one of the few brands who work on it. So for me, it's a no brainer, Castelli Sanremo 3.2 Speed suit for 3 seasons and Sanremo Thermosuit for winter. And it's amazingly confortable (no straps, no double layers), what else ?
Bought another SanRemo3.2 speedsuit on sale...I need professional help! :smartass:
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by Weenie

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by gramsqueen

I love my castelli and would love to try the expensive Giros. My mid-level Giros now feel like a Skechers with velcro strap

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by themidge

RTW wrote:
Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:22 pm
themidge wrote:
Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:20 am
Socks that I would usually wear in normal life, basically not sports socks.
If you really want I can post some pictures later :D
Okay Midge. I feel for you. PM me your details. I will send you some cycling socks if you post them on here!
Here goes, I received the socks on Friday, but it's taken until today to test them all out!
They're Assos Equipe, dunno what that means but it sounds fancy.
You know you've made it when your socks have a left and a right :) :

What's better than odd socks? Socks that are supposed to be odd!
These ones match the rail bridge:
Be seen, be safe:

I have never done anything so strange on a bike ride as take pictures of my feet. I'm thinking of entering the foot modelling business, but I suspect I wouldn't make a huge amount of money :wink: .

P.S. Sorry about the hairy legs, gotta keep the Scottish wind out :D.
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by Hapsmo911

I just got some La Passione stuff. Good price, 3 days from Italy to the left coast of the US on 2 orders. Ive had cheap stuff from performance and more expensive Jerseys from Capo, Pi, Pactimo ect. I think material, cut, grippers are all big differences. The cheap stuff seems to stretch, and doesnt hold the garment in place. The La Passione stuff surprised me. The bibs have grippers on the front and not the rear, the straps are wide and spaced to the side of the chest which I like. The jersey has nice grippers on the arms and back. Cut was racey with a low V type collar and pockets stay in place where they should, never worked to the side even with heavey load. Mesh under the arms and back. I will be ordering more from them for sure.

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by Sammutd88

I've tried heaps of brands, but come back to the same couple. I'm of the opinion that I'm happy with 105 or Ultegra over Dura-Ace on the bike but I want top quality kit. It really does fit and function a lot better. I keep coming back to Assos and Isadore for jerseys. I do like the Isadore thermal bib shorts too but bought a large instead of a Medium and wish I got the medium, they are slightly long in the leg for me. Really like my Q36.5 summer gloves, vest and arm warmers but tbh it's never on sale and it's just too expensive here in Australia to justify for me. I like the RedWhite bib shorts too, but prefer the material used in the Assos shorts.

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