MCFK Road Handlebar

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by Magnum

Does anyone have any experience of this handlebar? Any good or bad points? Thanks.

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by Magnum


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by mike001100

Apparently it's quite short on reach, so may require a longer stem than you're used to? Don't know anything else, sorry...

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by Wookski

One of my riding buddies has one- you really need to love the swooped back tops to live with this bar. I personally hate the look- prefer straight tops like Schmolke.

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by NiFTY

Have a look at the fairwheel handlebar shootout. Extreme geometry for a bar but light and reasonably stiff. What bar are you coming from and what do you like/not like about it.
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by 2old4this

I have one. I like the diagonal part of the drops (more natural position for the hands.) However...

The drops are either going to work for you or they won't. If you have small hands, and your brake lever's reach is not adjustable, you'll have a hard time reaching the levers. After using it a little while I've realized that my hands are generally at the bottom of the drops, and had to move them up in the drops to reach the levers. This does not give me good leverage.

They definitely did not work for me with Campy. With Shimano, I had to push the levers all the way in. Then decided that it is not worth it. The handlebar is off, in a bin now :-(

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by dbnm

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by elfuinha

Hello i've 2 bikes with this handlebar and really love it.

Super comf. in the drops.

i've had

FSA Kforce
MCFK 1st gen
Axligthness 4200

and recently pass put this on my 2 bikes.

my regret is that i couldn't get 3k finish in the last one.

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by wheelsONfire

I've used MFK road bars on my gravel bike. No issues what so ever.
Regarding fit, this is harder. I have had no issues with reach, i have small hands and use 785 shifters. Reach is full out.
Though i prefer another shape, but to determine this i guess you'd need to actually ride the bars and play around with shifters position.
The bars i use now is Salsa Cowchipper. I also like Ritchey WCS Superlogic 2.

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