Garmin Mount for Zipp SL Sprint Carbon Road Stem

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by addictR1

just picked up a Zipp SL Sprint Carbon Road Stem and noticed my current SRAM plastic mount for Garmin 810 won't fit.

is there any out there that could be directly bolted on to the front of the stem for garmin 810?


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by morganb

I don't know about any faceplate mounts for the Sprint stem, but I have been using a K-Edge mount with that stem and SL70 Aero bars with no issues.

by Weenie

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by alexmcm09

A sharp knife or file will sort it out. Just whittle down the mount to fit. I run a Zipp Speed stem, which has a huge face plate. I had to cut down my barfly mount to fit.

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by Shrike

Fetha do faceplate bolt mounts and can do custom jobs too. He will need the measurements between faceplate bolts but Zipp can give those to you over email.

Bit pricey, but if you're looking for something good looking and neat, this is one of your best options.

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by Kayrehn

Search for Rec mount on amazon - besides this, they also have those stem bolt mounted versions.


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by NiFTY

Get a fetha. They are great. Unofficially they can run a light mount at the same time. I have run an exposure diablo under mine for over 2 years (I did glue the mid shaft pivot with araldite though) as the pivot bolt looks like a weak part of the design.
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by grover

Would this work? It's very nice!

I cheaper out and went with this.

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by IrrelevantD

grover wrote:
Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:22 am
Would this work? It's very nice!

I cheaper out and went with this.

I have one of the F3 Form Mounts on each of my bikes. I have a Garmin 1000 and a Fly12 CE camera mounted on them. Due to the weight of the computer and camera, I was worried about the arms as they are some sort of an injection molded carbon/resin, but they have held up really well. I got mine as one of the first batches from the kickstarter campaign, so I've had mine about as long as anyone.
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