I can't heat mold my Bont Vaypor S

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by shimmeD

I've heard of someone getting caught in the rain and later finding that his shoes fitted perfectly on the next ride. I might one nice summer day try this out by immersing my shoes in 70c water before putting them on for a ride.
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by Weenie

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by ParisCarbon

haha sorry for the slang... yes, by toasty I mean nice and warm... like really warm! We heated them from the outside and then used whatever we could on the inside to "form it" If you end up having lots of problems with the shoes, it could actually be manufacturing.. I had a pair of shoes custom made before teh Vaypor S came out, they actually dont make the model anymore, anyways, the shoe was constantly rubbing the top of my baby toe.. it got so bad that my baby toe was turning red and swelling up... we tried heat molding that thing countless times .. it would work for a while, but in a matter of weeks would lose the shape and return to the way it was... Bont ended up making me entirely new shoes, and at that point the Vaypor S had come out so I paid the difference and got those.. no problems since... on a sidenote the last post speaks of them getting wet, and yes, they do seem to change a little after being wet... I have another very old set of Bonts I had custom as well, they have now more or less become my indoor trainer shoes... I ride in the basement and there is not alot of heat down there, but naturally as you ride things "heat up" I find the shoes generally very tight the next day , but as things warm up they expand... in any event, heat em up, push whatever you need in there to form it...

leandrofresh wrote:
Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:23 pm
ParisCarbon wrote:
Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:09 pm
My friend is a distributor for Bont and even on my customs we molded them. If I recall properly he just used a hairdryer and it got things toasty.. the screwdriver or other solid object works good as well for stubborn spots to push em..
Got toasty? You mean they got burned? Im sorry, Im spanish and I don't understand everything perfect haha.

I managed to mold them a bit. 80º for 25minutes worked better than 70, but I need more room on the ball of the foot right next to the 1st metatharsal...

Do you blow with the hairdryer from outside the shoe? or from the inside?

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by leandrofresh

Hi guys. Thanks everyone for the help!

First ride with the molded shoes. 80º for 25min and a bit of hairdryer for the tough spots worked. Although, I have to say I forgot to remove the insoles and I burned a bit the right insole. I used blue specialized innersoles instead and I have to say things got better, the stock ones are too thin for a sole as rigid... I'd say they fit me 90% at the moment. So further molding will be done, but first I want to break them down a bit. They are fine for a two hour route with a 40min climb, lets see what happens after a 4h-5h ride with 4 climbs...

I wouldn't have done it without you guys. So thanks!

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