Carbon grip paste on lever clamps

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by mike001100


I have an AX4200 bar and it doesn't have any "grip" sections for lever clamps... the bar also says 4 NM max. When I torque the clamps to approx. 3.8Nm, if I hit a medium sized dip in the road at speed, one of the levers moves as I lean on it... so, can I apply grip paste on the clamp, or is this not a good idea?

Thank you.

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by Calnago

If it’s moving at 3.8Nm and the bar states a max clamp torque of 4Nm, then yes, I’d try some carbon paste along with it. But I’d rather have bars that are more robust to start with. The recommended torque on Campy levers is still 10Nm, which I think is a huge amount, but they do have the caveat of following the bar manufacturers recommendations first and foremost. 4Nm does seem a little low for that application however, but if that’s what they’re stating... proceed at your own risk.
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by Weenie

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by sungod

as above, 4 seems low, if the bars are that touchy i'm not sure i'd want to ride them

assembly paste shouldn't hurt

you could also email ax and see if they have advice for your specific levers

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by 4ibanez

I've never experienced slippage with these bars over the last 3 years, while I've had them on my weenie bike. I'm currently using Schmolke clamps, and have been since Feb - I can't remember what I tightened them to, but no more than 3nm. They're a ridiculously tight fit, which probably helps with them not slipping.

Are you putting a lot of weight on the front end over the rough stuff?

I tend to use a little carbon paste, which should help like Cal said.

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