Supersix Evo FSA SL headset bearings

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by serbanbara

Hello I’ve just got a set of FSA SL bearings to fit on my S6 evo 2013
These are the part numbers: ... -8-steerer
And ... -4-steerer

I have trouble installing them, as they seem little different that the original ones, the inner race is a little sinked on both of them.
They fit into the frame but when installed the upper conical spacer rubs against the outer race and same thing on the lower bearing.
It seams these bearings have the inner race a little sinked in and the compression ring on the upper part/ the crown race on the lower part when tightened doesn’t make pressure on the bearings inner races.
It’s like the compression ring it’s to small on the upper one and the crown race doesn’t fit the lower one.
Any suggestions would be apreciated :noidea:
Thank you

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by 4ibanez

Does the 45° angle match that of the stock cartridges? I'm using these with my 2015 Evo with no 'real' problems - although the upper does have some minimal friction with my ultra low stack bearing cover.

I think @Nifty had some problems initially with these SL bearings, can't remember how he resolved it. Check his build thread maybe.

Btw I'm using the stock compression ring 1.8g (not heard of a WW alternative). The SLs do seem to have more stack, but I found they just sit further into the frame's cups (better), but they don't seem to sit visably any more proud than the stock bearings.

You might be able to swap the ring, but less height on the compression ring will mean less contact with the steerer.

by Weenie

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by serbanbara

Yes the angle it's the same for sure ...
You are using the same exact bearing codes ?
Not even on the crown race the bearing doesn't seem to seat properly.
This is my crown race

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