Darimo Carbon components, when Spain beats Germany

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by C36

We see Darimo’s product in some of the nicest bike of the forum but there is no specific topic to review existing and future products.
For now, for road bikes, two seat posts are available, the straight T1 available for some time now and the very recent T2 with 25mm offset.
I know Damia (Darimo founder) has some other products in the pipeline, but let’s start with the T1

The T1: for now the lightest seatpost on the market, weight is just exceptional!
And a great flexibility regarding custom length like 4ibanez 250x27.2 just above 60g or my 270mm x25.4 at 72g
The carbon tube has variable wall thickness over length and circumference

An important part of the gain come from the carbon yokes and the shorter bolts it allows

The T2:
Here in 400x31.6 at 113g
With a different fixation system, nicely integrated. Even if I don’t have the need of an offset post, this curve is incredibly smooth!

The seatpost comes “assembled” (no parts in a plastic bags rattling in the box) with thin sand paper and carbon-paste, the types of details you expect of this level of components.

Installation is somehow easier than some smaller yokes you struggle to hold between the saddle rails, but tightening is initially surprising. The front bold can only be turned either by hand or with a spherical Allen-key, so not with the torque-wrench. After discussion with Damia, the front bolt adjust the saddle angle and you apply the “4N.m with the rear bolt”. I rocked the saddle a bit (to balance the forces among the two yokes), it creaked a bit, then applied the same 4Nm and since then nothing moved and nothing creak while pedalling. Can also notice how wide the contact areas with the rails are (compared to Schmolke TLO for example that still reach 90g in 250mmx27.2m, or the MCFK)
http://lh6.ggpht.com/-bLb6d_nZo7g/TsV7J ... 25255D.jpg or Image

On the Road
During first rides, while I was not putting any hope in confort gain I have been quite surprised noticing a slight improvement over my original Save seat-post (I was inflated more than usual, with 7 bars on 25mm Michelin Power I was expecting only brand-new road... and then hit several KM of road being refurbished, closer to light gravel than road, alternating dirt-roads / cracked pavement / road under construction).

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by maxxevv

The T2 definitely looks more interesting in my books.

by Weenie

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by Klaster_1

I own three Darimo products (see my build threads) and am considering to purchase at least one more, but there were some minor issues along the way:
  • The wide yokes of T1 reduce available rail adjustment range compared to PoP or MCFK style yokes, I had to get another saddle because of that. I also remember that a complete yoke assembly from one of Seb K's threads was lighter than Darimo, which is ~16.1g, by a couple of grams.
  • The T1 on my road bike kept unscrewing despite the fact that I torqued it to 4nm. I chose not to contact Damia and apply some blue threadlock instead. It helped, but my heart skipped a beat when it creaked during the process. Worked fine ever since. I think the rotating barrel nut design might be prone to unscrewing.
  • The MTB bar diameter was a hair narrower than my previous Easton enough to cause Extralite Hypergrips to rotate even with wood glue/hair spray. It always done the trick on Easton, but this time I had to wrap a bit of Tesa 4289 to regain the thickness. The whole process was very frustrating to figure out.
Darimo T1 250mm, 27.2mm weight
Darimo T1 350mm, 31.6mm seatpost body
Darimo T1 bolts
Darimo T1 barrel nuts
Darimo T1 yokes
Darimo T1 cradle
Darimo T1 350mm, 31.6mm weight

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by beanbiken

Just received my T1 post today. Like it but a couple of minor negatives. I plan to mount my DI2 battery inside with a Tune mount, won't fit without Dremmeling the dags from the inside lower opening. Also the weight is up by about 10% but it is the UD fihish which I believe is heavier. Images show after I had started the cleanup but more to do tommorrow.


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by marcelflash

I had the same unscrewing and it happened because I sat on the nose of the saddle in ha race for a long time. That way the tension of the front bolt is gone and can unwind. I used Locktite too. Very happy for the rest and another question was quickly answered.

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by 4ibanez

I've posted in my build thread already, but in summary...

First and foremost - sensational weight!

Downside - I broke a yoke. I think this happened cos I didn't tighten the bolts enough. 4nm is stated as the max, so I did below that out of habit - less than 3nm I think. Obviously that was too low (and in highsight I should've known that). Anyway I snapped the rear yoke and rode home with my saddle in my jersey - I think the yoke came out of alignment under me shifting my weight. I'd recommend everyone to just bolt the yokes down to 4nm or like a 1/4 turn lower. I think they should probably amend the installation instructions on that basis too.

I had a replacement about a week later with no quibble. It looks marginally beefier too, but I didn't weigh the individual bits of hardware. I reinstalled up to just below 4nm, and after a couple of hundred miles started to stop worrying about it. Maybe I ought to re-check for tightness though having read some of the comments above.

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by C36

Just appeared on instagram page, the first picture for the road bar under test discussed few months ago.
https://www.instagram.com/p/BnioHhOHeT ... f5wfdjnt7e
As confirmed in the comments, a version will be di2 compatible.

The test is impressive a friend of mine was worried about the flex. As far as I recall test protocol I saw with Deda or at the EFBe that’s quite the type of stress you put if you want to really ensure durability.

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by Vuong05

Another weight weenie option for handlebars is always good.
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by RocketRacing

I got a t1 post in 31.6mm x 280mm (custom) that came in at 73g i believe. I paired it with an 80g saevid alien saddle for my xc bike and it is very rigid (but 61kg rider). I will likely swap to a lupina saddle to save 5g more, and add a bit more comfort as the alien is stiff!! The same bike has the 680mm mtb bars and they are around 82g plus or minus. Very nice.

I also got a t1 for my road bike build. 27.2mm x 280mm (custom) with custom 12k weave. Again at 73g. This one has a bit more visable flex, but nothing of concern. Very comfy. I combine it with an oval rail berk lupina for a supremly comfy setup. I think it is also an ideal paring as the lupina is equally light, and has longer rails to help balance the zero offset of the t1 seatpost. If i was closer to the weight limit of the components, I might think twice. But right now this is the perfect setup for me.

I plan to get his road bars soon, aloso in custom 12k weave. He is hoping to hit 130g on the road bars, so i am excited to save the weight from a 200g 3t bar.

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by mrlobber

126g :shock:
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by hannawald

Nice weight, for me it's a pity they didn't try going a bit more aero as well..with bars it is said to be important..

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by C36

hannawald wrote:Nice weight, for me it's a pity they didn't try going a bit more aero as well..with bars it is said to be important..
Top part is 32x24, flatter than all other light options if i am correct. If he ever does a narrower / flared version I immediately replace my current bar, Darimo is really setting a new standard

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by Monkeyfudger

Damn that’s light!!

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by DeiviX


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by Weenie

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