Riders on disc brakes. How often do you lock up your rear wheel?

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by sychen

Went to Disc recently and have had an emergency stop at the same place i've done the same on the old bike.
Steep hill down to a roundabout where cars sometimes turn without indicating .. probably should slow down more as i've had a few e-stops here.

Old bike would lockup quickly and i would as i have often done, skidded to a stop but under control as a long time mtber have no issues.
Disc bike in the same situation only skid very slightly at the end but had full control the whole time with room to spare.
Frankly I was surpised how much more modulation I had in the same situation. I knew from many tests how much more modulated power I had but only in an emergency did I see how well it can be used.

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by spud

assuming noth brake systems are in good condition, disc brakes are less likely to lock due to two things:
1) less friction/hysteris in the systeme - cable friction vs lack of fluid friction
2) even a great rim set up can have a very minor variation in braking force on different parts of the rim - the sticky point can lock when the rear tire is very light on the ground due to weight transfer
I've never locked my rear disc brake unless it was on purpose

by Weenie

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by dricked

All the time. Skids are cool!

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by superdx

Never, not even when I crashed

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