Garmin EDGE mount for Bontrager XXX integrated bars

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by toutenhoofd

I’m wondering if anyone knows where to find a Garmin mount like the one in this image:


I don’t need the bars, I already have a set. But I’m having a really hard time finding a mount like that one. I know about Trek/Bontrager’s Blendr solution but I much prefer the simplicity of this one.

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by alcatraz

I tried a mount out of carbon that is a bit smaller than the one pictured. (china noname, maybe 8cm long)

It broke at the mount on the first ride. I had put rubber around the bolt to absorb some vibrations. I cut some pvc "washers" from a pvc tube I had lying around.

Seeing as this pictured one is much longer and only held by one bolt, you will probably have a problem going over bumps.

For best luck with a computer over 50gr I think you should look for a short arm version. Going weight weenie might be a mistake. It needs to be beefy around the bolt because that's where it will snap.

by Weenie

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by NiFTY

Agreed. That mount looks too skinny to work well. I made my own mount out of carbon plate ( thicker than that) and had to beef it up as it vibrated on rough roads.
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by TobinHatesYou

My issue with Blendr so far is that the GoPro mounting system doesn’t provide enough clamp force for something with the leverage of an Edge 1030. My 1030 bounces and flexes the long-low mount that I made, rotating it in the GoPro mount. Torquing it down more just breaks the plastic. A knurled interface would fix this.

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