Specialized Future Shock: Worthwhile or Gimmick?

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by eaglejackson

Now that the Specialized Future Shock as found on the new Roubaix and Diverge has been out for a year, what are your thoughts? It struck me as a gimmick but perhaps I'm overly skeptical. Do you have a bike with Future Shock, and if so, what do you think of it?

by Weenie

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by johnsonmoog

I bought a Roubaix after a fairly brief test not long after they were released, liked it a lot so purchased and I still think it's a very comfortable bike. It was between the Roubaix and a Domane, which was also very good. I decided on newer tech. It's an endurance bike you can take on bad surfaces and feel able to carry speed and not get fatigued, bit of a do it all steed.

Obvious answer I guess is find one to test and see what you think. Good luck

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by NS

I just sold my diverge to get an exploro. If i was even considering a bike with future shock I would wait to see if the lockout came out. I didnt like the feel of the front end on the road and to be honest I think for a gravel bike correct tyre volume and pressure is more important than the futureshock.

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by Wheever

If you find another bike you like, but are stuck on the idea of having a future shock, let me recommend the redshift shock stop stem. Similar concept, but simpler and beautifully executed. You could buy whichever bike and put a shock stop on.

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by NJCyclist

I rented a 2017 Roubaix for some riding around Northern California including a ride up Mount Diablo. I thought the future shock was great and provided not only comfort, but increased stability on the rough descent from Diablo down North Gate. I've previously done this descent with a SuperSix (which I think is a great bike), and the pothole and patch-ridden surface upset the SuperSix during braking and cornering. The Roubaix was significantly more stable as the future shock acted as a suspension and absorbed the impacts. Between that and the disc brakes, it was probably the best descending bike I've ever ridden (and I've ridden quite a few). Othewise, it took me very little time to get used to the subtle movement of the bars during general riding and I quickly forgot the future shock was there.

In terms of negatives, I do find it aesthetically lacking - it looks like a giraffe in a turtleneck, and I'm sure it adds 120-150 grams of weight (I wouldn't care, but this is WW). Also I suppose if you're doing standing sprints it's not ideal, but it really didn't bother me when I did a few or when I attacked the final "wall" at the top of Diablo.

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