Compact 700x28c inner tubes

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by Mbrown278

Hi all,

I am currently using 700x25c tyres. On my previous bike I used 700x28c and although the tyre size isn’t massively different I found the 28c much more comfortable and less likely to get punch flats on some of the poorly conditioned roads around me so I’m thinking of going back to 28c’s.

The only thing is I currently ride with 4 spare x 700x25 supersonic inner tubes. I like carrying this amount of spares but can’t seems to find any similarly compact inner tubes for 28c, can anyone recommend any? Otherwise I’m only likely to be able to carry 2 tubes.

Sorry if this is in the forum-couldn’t find anything from searching. The weight is not the issue but storage space. I currently have a Topeak Dyna wedge saddle bag, and a tool bottle, and have a saddle extension which can hold 2 bottles, so with the tool bottle can hold 3 other bottles which I usually tend to drink all of on the length rides I go on. I have considered other frame bags etc but my bikes already a bit crowded.

Thanks all,


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by Squashednuts

I ride 25mm tyres and use Rubena Lightweight 18 - 23mm tubes
Don't seem to have more flats than when I used the tubes in 23mm tyres
Don't see why you shouldn't be able to use 25mm tubes in 28mm tyres...
I'm not sure if the inner tubes add much in the way of protection

How bad are the roads?
How often have you needed more than 2 tubes on a ride

What sort of bike do you ride...Post some pictures

3 bottles...impressive 😃

by Weenie

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by Mbrown278

I have a Merida reacto 400. I have had 2 flats in the same ride before. In my last ride (50 miles) I slowed down my pace considerably when the sun set as it was more difficult to see potential pot holes/poor parts of the road as I didn’t want to hit one and get a pinch flat. I’d be more comfortable with 28c tyres. That’s interesting that the 18-25c inner tubes should be fine with a 28c. I’ll give it a go :) thanks

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by 2lo8

You're not going to find similarly compact butyl tubes. The volume of the rubber comes down to the wall thickness and radii, and easily measurable by measuring mass. That being said, tubes are pretty stretchy if you've ever inflated one outside a tire casing. You can easily use a tube in a larger tire than it is rated for, although it will be stretched a little thinner and stressed a little more. The problems really come when you have bad tubes with varying wall thicknesses, leading to stretching being concentrated in one spot. Even so, I've used 25 rated tubes in 35 tires before, and thinwall 26 rated tubes in 28s. If you are not confidant in using supersonics, you can try some 0.6mm wall tubes.
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by nickf

25 tube in a 28 tire all the time here. Have a case of 23-25 tubes to use up. No issues.

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by Mbrown278

Perfect thanks all :)

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by JScycle

Just out of interest if that most flats you have had in a ride is 2 why carry 4 tubes?
Maybe you could go with 1 or 2 in addition to a patch kit.

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by Mr.Gib

Whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock.

Forget the tubes, forget the potholes...

That seat! :unbelievable:
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by Mbrown278

Lol, yes the seat is a bit different!-it takes some getting used to but I was fed up with discomfort/going numb 🤪

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by Marin

I rode Supersonic tubes in a CX race once because the tubeless tire burped on the ourse recon. 35mm tires, and I kept the tube and rode for a few weeks, no issues.

Why are you carrying 4 tubes? 1 tube and 10 patches & glue makes more sense.

by Weenie

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by victorduraace

I had some narrow btwin tubes (18-23 c) blowout on 28c cause tube section by the valve could not stretch up to 28mm.

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