Dilemma: 2015 S-Works fact 11r or 2018 fact 10r

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by CallumRD1

No time is saved on a flat course with a lighter bike. None. The two times when a lighter bike will be faster are when accelerating and when climbing.

by Weenie

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by morganb

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Sun May 20, 2018 9:15 pm
Morganb, can you explain the difference to me? How much time savings is gained by weight loss?
Thanks for the info on the weight differences btw the S5 11r and S6 10r. This certainly gives the edge to the new S6 10r with better aero gains.
When grams are used in the context of a wind tunnel data, they are actually referring to gram-force, a non standard unit, which is giving mass times gravitational acceleration, as opposed to mere mass. They do this because most people understand weights pretty well, but don't understand direct measurement of force or mass as intuitively. So you are really referring to a change in force on the bike when you are talking about grams of drag. Gains made from aerodynamics apply at all speeds, although proportionally greater as speeds increases, while gains made from grams in terms of mass of the bike only matter while climbing, or a very small amount in acceleration (if you do the math its almost insignificant compared to the drag forces).

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by Ptbojim

Thanks for the information.

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by Slack

I have an SL6 Tarmac in both Expert/Fact10 and S-Works, an SL5 disc Expert/Fact10 and have just sold mt SL5 S-Works. If an SL6 S-Works isnt an option I would pick the SL5 S-Works over the SL6 Expert. While is is hard to explain the difference in lay up or carbon whichever it is a definite difference in ride quality between the S-Works models and the Experts. When you're riding the bikes day to day I can't say I notice the couple of hundred gram difference between bikes but you can instantly feel the difference between the Expert and the S-Works as soon as you roll out. It should come down to what you prefer and which is the biggest priority for you but if it was my choice that's where I'd go.

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