KMC X11-SL Chain.

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by Hennesy

Kmc x11 SL for 36€-41$

I'm waiting for DLC Version :beerchug:

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by dbnm

Under $50 now on ebay

by Weenie

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by oreoboreo

The price on EBay goes up... way up and down depending the time of the year. I have seen them as low as $34.00 and as high as $65.00 US for the standard X11sl. By the way there are sellers trying to suck you in with another KMC that is not the same.

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by spdntrxi

good to know...

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by Hennesy

DLC Version


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by spinwax

I was the biggest fan of the gold KMC. I love the way the look, light and usually worked well. Unfortunately with the last two I have ran I have broke the quick link. They didn't completely split, but they one plate broke causing some scaring on the cassette. I am usually round 72k in weight so I am no brute.

I will give them another chance since it could have just been a bad batch of quick links.

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by Asteroid

This KMC chain is a winner, IMO. About 4,800 kilos and no stretch or squeak.
Little bit pricey at around USD 50, compared to finding Dura Ace for about $35 or less.
My KMC was part of an assortment of bit$ to bring my Cannondale below 6.0kg. :p

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by LiquidCooled

Yeah, I have a kmc chain with just over 4k kms on it. Still within spec. I have a dura ace chain waiting to go the bike, but the kmc just won't stretch.
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by fordred

Hennesy wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 6:21 pm
DLC Version

How about just using a wet lub and don't bother cleaning the chain?

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