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What steel for 12sp Campagnolo record

Cinelli Vigorelli (700 Euro) (S)
Ritchey Road Logic (1300 Euro but actual less)
Bottecchia leggendaria (1600 Euro)
Wilier Superleggera (2300 Euro)
Custom Steel (Stelbel?)
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by kwakekeham

I like the Derosa Corum. Mixes old style with new.

The Battaglin Power is starting to move away from what I'm looking for mainly on the Disc Front. In keeping with modern retro I'll be sticking to Rim brakes. I plan to go to an electronic hydraulic disc on a carbon frame in the future once it becomes the norm and the premium for disc groups drop a little further.

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by pmf

A Pegoretti Marcello mxxxx

by Weenie

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by Js2

Stelbel at the moment will set you back approximately 6 month wait for the frameset :shock: . I just emailed them a few days ago...

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ALAN Carbon+
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by ALAN Carbon+

What about the Deda Acciaio Zero 25?

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by muti

Passoni and Legend are actually built by the same man,Bartoletti.My personal feeling is that they are more of a status statement than a bike frame.As for De Rosa Corum,the "real" De Rosa is now made by Bixxis(Prima) which is Doriano De Rosa's own brand after he left the family brand.Doriano was the main framebuilder for tig steel and titanium frames.A visit to his workshop will convince you about his craftmanship(Anvil framebuilding jigs,quality of the welds and precision of the cut of the tubing).
For the internal cabling,I understand the visual appeal but be cautious that on steel frames the main issue is the corrosion from inside out.But then again if you really like it,go for it!It's your personal frame,that's the beauty of steel frames.

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by fignonsbarber

I would highly recommend Bixxis. Reasonable price and you deal directly with the master. His Prima steel frameset is virtually identical to a Pegoretti Marcelo for almost half the price and 1/4 the delivery time.

As for Jaegher, a simple google search will probably have you running in the other direction.

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by bremerradkurier

You can still get Made In Japan lugged steel Panasonic frames in cm sizing and a large variety of paint options. ... rake-holes

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by robertbb

None. Because Campy 12 speed is ugly. :)

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by chokdeeb

kwakekeham wrote:Hi all,

I've wanted to do a modern retro build, but I also have zero interest in full restoration or period percise, or eroica. What I really want is the Wilier Supperleggera in the Ramato (copper) with a fully Campagnolo 12 speed (not available yet, especially not on that bike) and likely Shamal Mille wheels. So it's pretty close to Wiliers existing offering except it's the new 12 speed.

Normally I have access to some industry discounts, but doesn't seem available for some on the list, so the way for me to do this cost effectively is primarily a frame purchase -- but I'm finding it a little hilarious about pricing of steel frames, especially non-custom with very little to distinguise mechanical properties (this tube has slightly different double butted dimension, or enough vanadium to change the yield point which it'll never see, etc). However, cromovelato and the classic recognizable look of the Wilier matches so well with the lightweight aluminum wheels and new groupset. I think a lot of frames are going to look out of place with black modern groups otherwise.

I have my carbon bike with full EPS so I'm happy enough in that area minus some BB woes.

So considering alternatives. The goal is retro sleek looks but modern performance. I like the Cinelli Vigorelli from a cost and retro 80/90's styling perspective, but it's Crit Geometry seems odd to match up to my 52 cm Trek Madone H2 (2012) -- which is already more comparable to some 54's. The Cinelli would be on a small size based on comparing frames. The rest seem more reasonable in terms of geometry.

Road logic leaves the retro styling I was after but not the styling box. The Bottecchia and Wilier are all style, but really finding 2000 Euro hard to swallow.

Any other options out there? Suck it up and pay full price on a Wilier Superleggera?

I enjoy riding my ritchey. Have no issue keeping up with lighter carbon bikes on hills.

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by silvalis

Does anyone find the Bixxis fork a bit weird? I remember looking at them ages ago and the fork looks like a modern carbon version of a biplane fork
Chasse patate

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by muti

The fork is Pegoretti Falz custom made by Columbus.The idea behind it is to mimick the stability of the old steel forks.

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

I happened to see the Cinelli XCr at a local shop yesterday. First one I have seen in the flesh and it is very beautiful, it is the reddish orange to naked colour, and was built with Campagnolo SR11. Not cheap, but very nice. I like the external headset design using the King IS8, but the seatpost binder through the stays is not my fave design. And looking at the geometry these frames are very short headtube/low stack so not for everyone.

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by muti

Cinelli xcr is actually made by Cicli Barco who have very good reputation.Geometry can be customised.Painting is done by Cinelli.If you choose to build it as Barco you have more options (geometry,cable routing,di2,headset-fork AND more conventional seatclamp).For the seatclamp mechanism you are completely right,the vibrations of the seatstays are transmitted to the binding bolt and thus making all sorts of problems.

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by farva

+1 for Gunnar Roadie. Budget rig I ended up building has become my favorite bike. Used 52cm frame, force 22 bits, and Chinese carbon clinchers. I also painted the fork to match.

ImageIMG_8161 (Edited) (Medium) by Michael Kempt, on Flickr

I tried to modernize a Lemond Zurich 853. Loved the look but didn't care much for it's twitchy manners

ImageIMG_4649 by Michael Kempt, on Flickr

by Weenie

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