Why using this small spacer on the top of the stem (Team Emirates)?

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by Calnago

The max height you can go is where there’s at least a millimeter or so of clearance between the underside of the top cap and the uppermost part of your whatever (steertube edge, middle of compression plug, etc) the top cap might bottom out against, meaning you would have no space to provide the preload. The preload isn’t much by the way, just enough to take the slack out of the system. Like 15inch/lbs or so.
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by Weenie

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by TonyM


Here mine with the compression plug in it.


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by AJS914

Do those plugs sit on top of the stem or on top of the steerer? You could also fit a 3mm spacer as it looks a little cleaner than a 5mm one.

If you wanted to go with a flush cap, you could use a different compression plug. I fit an old-school Campagnolo Record top cap to my C59 using an FSA expander.


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