Potenza rear mech pivot spring fail ;-(

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by xcnick

3 month old Potenza rear mech has done no more than 500 miles has lost its tension from the main pivot (where it fixes to the dropout)
Last time I rode this bike it was fine, I was just sticking some wheels in it tonight and found the mech all floppy. I popped out the pivot and spring expecting to find a sheared spring locating peg but all looked ok. So I reassembled and it all went together as it should but when tested it goes with a ‘twang’ and tension is gone. There is so little room in the housing for the spring to move laterally I can’t see how it’s happening!
Anyone had this with Potenza or other Campag models?
I’m hoping the shop will replace due to it being so new as my fave bike is off the road.
Not happy Campag, not happy at all! :x

by Weenie

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by chris47

also not impressed with my potenza. My rear derailleur would not move all the way through its "travel". It just got stuck in the middle and could not shift into the lower cogs. There was this "click" kinda thing that the spring seemed too weak to overcome. Luckily it was replaced by campagnolo. still not impressed with the durability as it only held up 1 year. What happens next time when my warranty is over? dissapointed....

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