Wet/All Season tires...do they work?

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by Alumen

I use the gp4000s2 25mm as spring and summer tyre and the Schwalbe Durano 25mm as autumn and winter tyre.

The Durano's can be seen as a 4 season tyre as well imho. The grip of the Durano's is noticeable better in the wet AND dry compared with the gp4000s2 and has also a better puncture resistance. Though they come with some higher rolling resistance, but they still roll reasonable.

So they do work for sure :wink:
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by alpinestar

I have had one winter on a set of Michelin Pro 4 Endurance v2. Really happy with them, I think one puncture over the winter here in Denmark is realyl great. They roll really nice with a sweet supple ride. I use the 25mm version. I did see that the front tire have had a long crack in the rubber. I have talked to ribble, and in order to process the complaint they need the tyre back and they will then send it to Michelin. Sounds like a lot of trouble :( But its only on one tyre, and on one side, so would presume its a manafacturing thing.

by Weenie

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by probertsqbe

i’ve also used Michelin Endurance Pro4 v2 on my winter bike (uk) for the past row winters. One puncture in 6000 miles so very pleased with their puncture resistance and general performance.

I ride throughout the winter in all weathers in the Chilterns where the roads are pretty dire so a great way to test tyres.

Time for a new set this coming winter.

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by silvalis

Durano Raceguard compound seems a lot softer than One and One pro. Very noticible when I do skids (really eats up the durano).
I've never pushed either of the tyres to break traction around a corner before so no idea if grips better. Standing up on a wet hill and skipping the rear isnt a good test.
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by naylor343

+1 for the pro 4 endurance. These tyres seem to do it all. Great all year round as long as you have the space. Basically up size everything by 2-4mm between between 15-21c rims, 25=27-29mm etc. The all season may be grippier in the extreme cold I don't know, but where I live when it's that cold I am on the turbo or skis.

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