Bianchi Oltre XR3 va Pinarello Gan S

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by junj

I thought I've made my decision regarding my last thread (Foil or Oltre) but damn! Totally forgot about bianchi's italian predecessor, pinarello.

Both have similar geometry & price.

Oltre model 2018 in Ultegra r8000 & Gan S model 2017 in Ultegra 6800

I've honestly set my mind up to the oltre but the Gan S is somehow bugging me haha so please bear with me

Feel free to choose one & explain why. Again, would love to hear your thoughts

Gonna buy the bike from scratch as i cant possibly test ride due to the bike shop's distance from my place so any info would be greatly appreciated

All the best!

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by TonyM

Oltre because of the celeste colour
R8000 far superior to the 6800

by Weenie

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by silvalis

Gan S are a fair bit cheaper than an XR3 if it matters to you. Nearly half the price where I am.
The front is also a bit higher on the Gan S, 15-20mm stack from memory. And I think it's a smidgeon heavier.

Does any of this matter to you? If not, pick whatever frame shape you like - F8 style frame or Celeste. I'd still go the XR3.
Chasse patate

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by bilwit

The different fork than the XR4 on the XR3 would annoy me slightly, at least the Gan keeps the same shape as its respective high end model. If I was looking at the Gan S because I liked the F8/F10 then I would go with that rather than the XR3 because I liked the XR4 if you know what I mean. Wouldn't be too bothered about R8000 vs 6800 other than the newer crank looks cooler. Another thing I would consider is that for me, I always see people on F8/F10s, Gan's, 65.1s, and replica whatever-chinese-dogma-knockoffs around here and seeing a modern celeste Bianchi is pretty rare so the exclusivity alone would lean me towards the XR3.

At the end of the day the only right answer is the one that you think looks more badass, can't go wrong with either.

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by fh8425

XR3, quoting and i love the unique color.

The Verdict
The Bianchi Oltre XR3 is a wonderful thing. It sits nicely between the former XR2 and the new XR4. The XR2 does not come with Countervail, but the XR4 is around 200g lighter and has spent more time in the wind tunnel being tested for aerodynamics. While the XR4 is the best of the best in the Bianchi range, the XR3 is, in my opinion, the best from a performance to value ratio. Obviously, if money were no object, I would be caressing an XR4 right now, but the XR3 has now made it possible to afford a high-performing aero road bike with the smoothness that we have come to love from the Infinito, without totally blowing your budget. It is a beautifully smooth ride that made me feel like I could ride it all day long, yet still smash up to the front of a group for a good old fight with the leading rider. It may be a few hundred quid more expensive than a similar, say, Italian thoroughbred of the same spec, but you're paying for that Countervail technology. So if you're bored of getting beaten up by your race bike, but aren't ready to retire onto a sportive bike, then maybe this is right up your strada.

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