Cassette lockring tool question

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by commendatore

CallumRD1 wrote:
RussellS wrote:
Fri May 04, 2018 9:36 pm
Appears to be confusion here. As in CallumRD1 the author does not know how wrenches or sockets work. Go with what ManekiNico says. Both the Park Shimano and Campagnolo lockring tools fit into a 1" socket. Put the 1" socket onto your 3/8" or 1/2" ratchet torque wrench.
There is no confusion here; I know exactly how wrenches and sockets work. (I'm halfway through building a Pitts S-1S biplane at the moment so I definitely know my way around a workshop!) I am looking for a cassette lockring tool that has a square drive recess in it so that I can attach it to a wrench directly. As suggested above, I could use a 1" socket on the park lockring tool, but that wasn't the solution I was looking for. It is a good suggestion, though. Functionally the two solutions are very similar, but in my opinion the single tool is superior, hence why I was looking for one.
Perfectly reasonable! I had the same thought early on. For someone used to using any number of specialty tools in the automotive world, the park lock ring tool is moronic.

I picked one up with a 1/2 inch drive from performance (spin doctors brand) but I generally use a crombie as I don’t see the need to torque cassettes to spec.

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