SRAM eTap with Campagnolo

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by Robertsaarela

Today im sitting on full Campagnolo set on my Pinarello, but I wanna upgrade to electronic shifting.

Will the eTap work with Campagnolo cranks and cassette?

by Weenie

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by sychen

in theory/mechanically yes.. but Italophiles will lynch you :D

Hubs can generally be changed easily for Shimano/Sram so no need to stick to Campag.

if you want EPS is always an option.

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by moonoi

You should change the brakes as well, as the pull ratio for Campag and SRAM brakes are different. So really you might as well change the whole group, or pick up an EPS upgrade kit instead.

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by Miller

EPS is lovely, it just works. Sure there's wires but installation is a one-off and then there's just one battery to think about.

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by trimenc

Etap will work fine with a Campy crankset and cassette. I have been doing it for about a year now. Good luck.

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by c50jim

I've had an S&S coupled travel bike for several years with Chorus components. I had my mechanic put on new cables last year and it was really difficult to get them connected (half an hour sometimes). The Chorus parts were also somewhat beaten up from being packed in the case and the bike had been left in the rain on top of the van on trips so bolts were rusty. It was time for some clean up or new parts.

So, I decided to try SRAM eTap. I swapped out shifters and brakes since those were the parts in worst shape. I had put on a White Industries 46/30 crank last year (I'm old and it makes it easier to get up the big climbs). My LBS put on the SRAM parts a couple of weeks ago and the weather was finally good enough to ride the last three days. I've now done about 180 km with the mixed setup (SRAM shifters, derailleurs and brakes, White crank, Campy chain and cassette on Fulcrum wheels). Every shifht worked, which is more than I can say for some of the Campy shifts (maybe the new derailleur hanger helped too). Some shifts were slow, some noisy, some both but the bike shifted every time. Noisy or slow shifts were closer to the middle where spacing is close than on the lower end of my 11-32 cassette. I also wondered about acclimatizing to the odd SRAM pattern (left paddle down, right paddle up, both paddles front ring) but it actually was a very easy conversion once I realized that shifting both means starting both at the same time. It was actually an easier adaptation than Dura Ace Di2 on my gravel bike. So far, I'm happy with my decision because I pack the bike several times a year and it will save quite a bit of time each pack and unpack.

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by DWatkinsBSB

AFAIK, 11 speed is a leave your keys at the bowl party. Cassette, cranks et al are mix and match. Nonetheless, I would not have a mixed setup like that for purely asthetics reason nor would I ever recommend someone to go for it.

Don't do it! Hahaha, or swap the cranks for some rotors etc.

by Weenie

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by MyM3Coupe

Robertsaarela wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 4:16 pm
. . . but I wanna upgrade to electronic shifting.?
Not sure if electronic shifting is an "upgrade" unless your current mechanical is improperly set up.

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