SRAM eTAP chainring combination

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by islander

Hello, I plan to upgrade my road bike (Felt FC1) from SRAM RED 10 to SRAM eTAP.

Does a chainring combination 46/36 X-Glide work with the eTAP front derailleur and the eTAP wifli with 11/32 cassette ?

On the SRAM webpage I find following chainring combination: 53/39; 52/36; 50/34; 46/36

Based on above, is it wrong to say that it might work also with a 46/34 chainring combination ?

Is anybody running SRAM eTAP with 46/36 or 46/34 chainring combination ?


by Weenie

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by sungod

46/34 is only a 12t difference, if it'll work with 50/34 can't see why 46/34 would be a problem

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by grover

Yes it works with 46/36. That is Wout Van Aert uses for racing cyclocross with eTap.

It would work with 46/34. But the shift ramps on the 46 ring are not optimised for use with a 34 (only a 36). So SRAM would say that will compromise performance. I doubt you'd notice anything in the real world.

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by TobinHatesYou

On my bike I have to position the FD all the way down the braze-on tab to get the appropriate clearance with 50/34. With 46/34 you might have an excessive gap, but shifting should only be minimally affected. Maybe the occasionally chain thrown over the big ring.

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by fordred

For what it's worth, I can shift just fine using 52/34.
I sometimes leave the front d in the 52 position when I'm using 50t chainrings and it shifts fine too. so that gap may not be too bad.

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by islander

Thanks for feedback so far, which supports my idea to go with a 46/34 combo on my SRAM eTAP build.
I will buy a 36 chaninring as "back up" solution anyway....
Hope the mechanics from the bike shop can make it working fine. I will report back about the outcome. Happy to be part of a forum where you get some good support from others. Thanks !

by Weenie

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