Gran Fondo Roadbike review - what's the fastest bike?

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by Calnago

I mostly just liked the pictures and now want to go to Girona.
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by Weenie

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by TonyM

Yepp I forgot that.....It really makes me feel travelling to the places where they test the products etc....

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by Kayrehn

My Fuji is probably too light for it to win a downhill roll, oh well 🤣

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by r4nd0mv4r14bl3

That's quite some beard to bike ratio in that video. Was that extra drag accounted for in the testing protocol?

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by kgt

Nice movies and pics, beautiful landscapes, cool hipster atmosphere... that's all. The test is a joke but it's fun. That's why my initial sarcasm...

OTOH if they were to offer me one of these bikes no doubt I would chose the Wilier, it looks so balanced and classy!
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by Kayrehn

I have to say that I enjoy reading their comments on the bits that they don't like. It's a long read but kudos to them for lugging out so many bikes for 'testing'.

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