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Hi Everyone,

I would just like to know who has these problems (see below) with the said title above and how did you go about fixing the problem.

1. I noticed that even thou the compression plug being applied as tightly possible with out damaging the spiral insides of the THM fork, there is still play on the the headset, about 1/16"., while rocking it back and forth. What is it that i'm doing wrong or is it supposed to be like that?


2. To end users that uses the THM CLAVICULAR SE crankset w/ the AX Vail, I noticed that once you have inserted the plastic spacer in the non-drive side, the crankset does not spin freely at all. If one was to spin it, it would only spin 25% of a circular motion, unlike with my Campy crankset installed in the BB cups, it spins freely. Since the THM does not spin freely, once pedaling it prevents you from pedaling at a 100%, it's as if the breaks are being applied while pedaling or a feeling of excess weight that I'm pushing on my legs as if I'm uphill (yes i have checked that there is no brake shoes are not rubbing on the wheels). If you have this same problem, is it normal or did you do something to remove this struggling feeling while pedaling?


Thanks in advance everyone!

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by Wookski

Rocking that much spacergasm can’t be safe

by Weenie

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by Frankie - B

Moved to road.
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by kode54

i have a THM SE on the AX Lightness Evo D frame. i use a spacer on the NDS so the arm is not touching the frame. the newer THM BB hace a plastic sleeve that moves the spacing out 1mm on both sides. I use the additional 2mm spacer that comes with the cranks.
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by 2old4this

On the stem/fork, you definitely are doing something wrong. Here is how I secure the stem (and I apologize if I sound "know it all"
- make sure stem is all the way down (with no or very little fork movement.)
- do not tighten the stem bolts
- tighten the top cap bolt to the point where there is no fork movement
- tighten the stem bolts slightly (allowing just enough friction to turn the stem to alight the stem with the fork)
- align the fork (I have this homemade contraption, consisting of two strings where one end is connected to a bar-end plug and the other to a weight. With the bar-ends pluged to the handlebar, it becomes really easy to put a stick on the fork end and align each side with the dangling weights.)
- tighten the top cap bolt to the spec torque (check to make sure there is no fork movement.)
- tighten the stem bolts to the spec...

As for the crank, I think you are missing a left (non-drive side) spacer...

by Weenie

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by eric01

do you have a decent LBS nearby that you can take the bike to? the suggestions above are all quite sensible but sometimes theres only so much you can diagnose over the internet.
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