Litespeed T1SL ride quality....too stiff?

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by Calnago

Oh Ryan... where to start :)... when did lower derailleur pulleys start competing with small chainrings for size? And some levers just don’t work well with certain bars and setup preferences. Did you need two chains to complete that drivetrain? The chain looks very “white”, is that just the light? Like you, I can’t write much now. But I like the initial impressions report so far.

Ok... the above was started when I first looked at your initial impressions... but good review overall I think. I share your impressions about the normal “sound” of discs... but if that’s the only annoyance that’s not a deal breaker.
But that bar/lever setup... ain’t right.
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by Weenie

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by RyanH

That bar lever setup offends every fiber of my being. I'm not a fan of 3T's drop bar shapes in general but this one is particularly bad. It reminds me of some of the Schmolke bars with the chopped off ends without the weight benefits. And the chain? That's the cocaine chain as I like to refer to it...or formally called the ceramicspeed UFO chain.

The combination of additional "oh shit" braking and better modulation down tricky offroad descents along with the added tire clearance to be able to slap on a pair of clinchers clad with 32mm actual tires is itching at me. I don't have a plethora of dirt available to me to justify a CX/gravel bike but every once in awhile I'd like to enjoy some of the fireroad trails which are lightly sandy and can be tricky on 25mm tires. Getting that flexibility comes at a somewhat steep weight penalty though. My current build sheet is about +500g.

I did call Litespeed today to ask about the T2 Disc. They stated that the chainstays are the same (dimensionally) so tire clearance would be the same. A T2 disc in small should be about 1270g, which is around 20g heavier than my T3 rim brake model. For those that are interested, WBW has a medium for $2500, which is a screaming deal. You have to be a rewards member to see it though.

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by jlok

Nefarious86 wrote:
Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:02 pm
This thread is dangerous... haha

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Indeed... Just finished my T1sl Disc build.


Once the fit is dialed I'd want lighter seat post and stem, and might be the Force AXS.
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