Homemade Di2 sprint/climbing shifters

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by TheDoctor

In its normal "unhacked" setup, pushing one of the buttons down will close the circuit by connecting the inner and outer part of the contact. One of the buttons shifts up, the other one down. In this hack what you're essentially doing is to move the button that makes the contact to somewhere else (and replace it with a small microswitch). So what you need for each of the two contacts, is a wire core going from the outer part of the contact to a pole of the microswitch, and a core from the other pole of the microswitch to the centre part of the contact.
Pushing the microswitch will then close the circuit and perform a switch (either up or down). Same for the other contact of course.

So I have one length of two-core wire for each of the two microswitches. Of each wire, one core is soldered to the centre of the contact, and one to the outside. On the other end, one core to each pole of the microswitch.

Hope this clarifies?
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by thefuzzycow

TheDoctor wrote:
Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:53 pm
Hope this clarifies?
100% on the nose! I’ll show you when done!!
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by Weenie

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