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by 964Cup

So, I'm considering a C64 as an exercise in self-indulgence. But how to approach it now that Campag (it must, of course, be Campag) have thrown several curve balls into the mix.

SR EPS v3 11-speed caliper - cross-compatible with my other bikes, I can get a power-meter straight away, all my tools will work
SR EPS v3 11-speed disc - I have no other disc road bikes, I have no experience of hydraulic and will need new tools, but perhaps now's the time to change
SR 12-speed mechanical (disc or caliper) - I assume disc, since compatibility becomes a bit irrelevant. No power meter yet. No quicklinks yet. Half my tools won't work. Unknown quantity - but a) it's the latest thing and b) 52/36 with 11-32 12-speed sounds like a perfect combination.
SR EPS v? 12-speed (disc or caliper) - probably not available until December. Can I wait that long? Plus all the general 12-speed considerations.

I'm assuming it will otherwise be what you'd expect: Bora Ultras (tubular, or the new tubeless WTO), Deda or 3T finishing kit, Campag P2M if it's available for the groupset.

My current inclination is to go with EPS v3 11-speed disc; that way I have some cassette flexibility, my spare chains and quick-links will work, and I can get a PM straight away. I won't be able to swap wheelsets in, but then I don't really need wet weather wheels for a disc bike anyway. But will I regret not going 12-speed? Going 11-speed and then upgrading feels wasteful (even given that this is a ridiculous waste of money in the first place for a man with 15 bikes already). Answers on a postcard, please.

by Weenie

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by guyc

Are you likely to be riding it in the rain?

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by c60rider

Definitely has to be 12 speed but you may need to take the rest of this year before everything is available. With 15 bikes to keep you amused in the meantime I'm certain if it was me I'd regret not holding fire and waiting for all my options rather than pulling the trigger now and finding out in a few months you've got an expensive upgrade needed. A C64 and 12 speed seem made for each other.

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by Boshk

I'm going to assume money really isn't an issue here hehe
Get the Disc with SR EPS now so you can ride it.
Order the 12 speed mechanical and when its available AND you still want to try out 12 speed, swap out the eps for the 12 speed....

WORST case: you love the SR EPS C64 Disc and don't want to change another C64 in a different colour....maybe non-disc when your 12 speed set arrives
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by TonyM

If you bike in the rain, or in the mountains and want some more brake power in the descents or if you just want to "try" the discs....Get the SR EPS 11 speed disc. And then when the SR EPS 12 speed disc is available you can still switch.
Otherwise get the SR EPS 11 speed so that you van ride now. And then when the SR EPS 12 speed is available you can still switch.

BTW the 964Cup is a great car! I used to race among others on a 964 RSR and I did really like it!

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by notaero

If you need a 12s power meter, you may be waiting some time before availabilty for crank based options - I would choose 12s mechanical and perhaps a powertap disc rear.

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by MyM3Coupe

11 Speed Super Record mechanical (caliper brakes).

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by Calnago

964Cup wrote:So, I'm considering a C64 as an exercise in self-indulgence. But how to approach it now that Campag (it must, of course, be Campag) have thrown several curve balls into the mix.
12sp Mechanical No Disc...
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by Weenie

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