SR 11 vs 12 for custom Ti build

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Which drive train for my bike

Super Record 11
Super Record 12
Total votes: 42

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by bm0p700f

The life cycle for groupsets is so short now. Dura Ace 12 speed will happen in 12 to 48 months.

by Weenie

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by Miller

Like, 1 to 4 years? Get you, out on a limb with your predictions!

(Yes I agree.)

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by wintershade

Okay okay. You guys convinced me! I called up my builder today and we're switching to Super Record 12. I was excited when he said it was not a problem, so I'm taking that as an sign SR 12 is what I wanted deep down.

The one thing that KIND OF gives me pause, is I think the carbon weave of the SR 11 will match my Bora 35 wheels better. Being as this bike is meant to be both beautiful and functional, that kind of matters. But he agreed with most of you, it made sense to bite the bullet and upgrade to 12 speed.

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by pdlpsher1

Good choice. I can't see any possibility of a buyer's remorse if you go with 12-speed! The same could't be said with a 11-speed.

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by TonyM

Go for the new Campagnolo Bora WTO!

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by wintershade

I'll get a set of the Bora WTOs for the race bike, but not this one. Aestheticly, it just doens't make sense to run such agro wheels on a sportive bike. Not to mention the fact that it's DAMN windy here in San Francisco Bay area and I think 35mm really is ideal for an everyday wheelset.

I think the risk of buyers remorse for me is aesthetics. I'm still not 100% sold on the 12 speed. But if I call my builder back and change my mind I think he'll kill me, so what's done is done.

The poll numbers are pretty illuminating.

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