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by sLyX1978

Hi. Im new to this forum. Im getting new bike soon and i narrowed to those 2 models:

1. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod Red Etap 2017 - rim brakes
2. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod Dura Ace Disc 2018 - disc brakes

As You can see the thing i cant decide is brake system. I think i can live without electronic shifting and i love the idea of better braking in wet (living in Ireland). But i cant find any info about how much more does disc version weight over the rim brake. All i could find is the frame weight which is not everything i guess. So i ask You guys - help me, please :D

Another question, im 178cm high and 84cm inseam. Going by the height im between to sizes for cannondale - 54 and 56. Which one should i go for? Not racing, but cycling a lot. What im looking in a bike is good handling on fast decent and climbing abilities....

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by Calnago

Generally speaking, you’re looking at a 500-600g weight surcharge for discs, sometimes more, rarely less. Given you’re comparing SRAM Red (very light) to Dura-Ace disc... I’m gonna guess much closer to 600g or more of a difference.
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by Weenie

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by alcatraz

It's a subjective choice. I'm a weenie, pretty lightweight guy and I like to experiment with brake pads. I'd go for the etap build.

I do recognize that for touring it's the wrong bike. In the end what we want are troublefree km of enjoyable riding. For that and taking into consideration the climate over there the disc brakes would do real well.

What do you dislike the most. Arriving at the top of a climb a few seconds later or soiling your bibs going downhill when it's wet on rim brakes?

They both will handle what you throw at them. Just gotta know their limitations.

To summarize, if you are lighter then the drawbacks with etap/rim won't really be a big deal. If you are heavier I'd not really care about 500gr less weight and just go for better brakes. If you are medium, well then it's personal preference.

If you know 54 and 56 is near your sweet spot but none is spot on go with the smaller. There is a current discussion about it in the same forum. (With some greater analysis it depends on your body shape and the intended riding style and shape of the ideal rider of that frame you are looking at. I happen to have long legs and short torso. Someone like me has fewer choices out there. Even on small frames I need short stems and my seat looks crazy tall. If you have short torso or fit issues then generally a slightly taller head tube is recommended. Fit needs to go before looks. If looks is as important then better pick another frame than compromising.)


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by jlok

@sLyX1978 I'm 178 high and 82 inseam, rode size 52 CAAD12 just fine. I think 54 is better for you if your after 54/56.

For brakes I think rim brake is sufficient in wet but disc brake definitely is better. It really depends on your value in weight or brake. eTap looks cooler than Di2 as there's no junktion box or shift wire... just clean.
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by Squashednuts

DOUG wrote:
Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:48 am



As people have said it's subjective...

I prefer discs, I'm 83kg, ride a lot of hills, have destroyed a carbon clincher when descending, and commute between 45km - 100 km daily...depending on energy levels. I like the confidence of feeling I can stop when traffic does random things.

I'm 186cm and ride a 56cm, granted different manufacturer and no help there

@DOUG has an excellent disc version at a decent weight, picture above...there are numerous other lightweight rim brake versions on the site

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by Svetty

Squashednuts wrote:
Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:39 am

Not relevant to the OPs posting but those shifters are sooooo fugly... :wink:

by Weenie

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^^ Image typical roadies. Always worrying about what they look like. Could this be the cause of so many crashes in the Pro Peleton? Too many riders reaching down to pull up their socks for the cameras.

Ill take function over form thanks. That said I quite like the look of the HRD shifters so it's win win I guess! :mrgreen:

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