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by Asscdi

I have my eyes set on a Litespeed Firenze frame dd. approx. 2000 in good condiction.
Does anyone have a good idea of the value of this used frame? It's hard to put an exact price tag on it...

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by Asscdi

picture attached
Litespeed Firenze.jpg

by Weenie

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by RyanH

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I don't have an idea of that frame in particular but early 2000 Litespeed should be around $700 or less, maybe $800 if in very good condition.

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by pdlpsher1 used to keep older bike catalogs on their website. But I can't seem to find it now. I did find some replacement decals but none seem to match your decals. It appears that your frame is made sometime between 2007 and onward. If you end up buying the frame you can call Litespeed and ask them to send you a copy of the catalog that will show the geometry, etc. I don't know the exact value but $2,000 for frame/fork only seems excessive. Years ago I sold a Litespeed Ultimate (first generation) with a Look fork in mint condition for around $900. Keep looking as there are a lot of older Ti frames for sale on eBay, etc. Good luck on finding the right bike.

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by trout

I sold a 2004 Firenze on Paceline for 275. You can buy a new T6 on the litespeed site for 999 on closeout. People are crazy what they are asking for frames.

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by RussellS

Nashbar has two Lynskey titanium frames for $1500 and $1800 right now. Road racing. Before any extra Nashbar discount codes. If you don't know the story. Lynskey founded Litespeed awhile ago. Sold the company to someone. Who still run it as Litespeed. Lynskey had a non compete agreement for a few years. When that expired he started up Lynskey titanium frames to basically compete against his old company. So I'd say they are pretty much identical frames.

$2000 for a 5-10 year old standard production frame/fork seems high given the new price is about that. I'd say 7-8-9 hundred is more correct.

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by Asscdi

I can get this one for 535 euro or 670$.
Seems to be a good deal then!?

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by AJS914

That's in the ballpark but maybe a little high. It would depend on your local market.

I sold two Litespeed Classics (1" head tube) but it was from the day when the Classic was a high end frame ($2500 in the mid 1990s). The finish work and welding was top shelf. The going rate was around $500 for frame and fork (threaded) in California where used Litespeeds are relatively easy to find.

The Firenze was not a top tier frame. It has the plain round tubing (no shaping) and a lesser finish than the top models. It just comes down to condition and how badly you want the frame.

I found some old Litespeed catalogs:

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by plag

Looks like someone put new decals , I would say it’s in the 4-500$ range Mid 2000s frame. That was a lower end model.

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by eric01

Used titanium can go for a surprisingly high resale value. A good condition Serotta (no damage and no funky geometry) or a Moots will run at least 1k USD if not 1.5k. But I wouldn't put this frame in the same category. Litespeed does have desireable vintages but this was their entry level model. Personally, I estimate 500-600 USD max. Any higher and that $999 Litespeed T6 is more compelling.
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by Weenie

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